Tuesday Tellings

Last night we went out for some dinner with Adam’s parents; it was their last night visiting us here in Brisbane before heading back to Canada. Naturally, we selected the most high end, gourmet food available.

Okay, so maybe not. But it was delicious and you can BYOB- not that this matters much to me these days. I cannot wait to enjoy a glass of sauvignon blanc with dinner in a month’s time!
Anyway, I split a veggie pizza with my father-in-law and it was perfect-o. I looove feta on pizza! I also loved these kitschy little wall decorations that visually indicate the crust size.

After dropping my inlaws off at the airport this morning, I came home and spent a large chunk of the day organizing, planning my week (which I neglected to do on Sunday), doing laundry, catching up on a pile of emails, FaceTime’ing, etc.
I also took a few pictures in Bubs’ nursery, which is just about complete! Still waiting on a framed photograph (takes forever to ship things to Australia when ordering from Etsy) and for Adam to hang a mirror (I cannot be trusted with a drill). I’m relieved and excited to have it done, though. I unfortunately couldn’t paint the walls or undertake my ultimate Pinterest fantasies while creating this baby room, as we are only renting our house. However, I am pleased with what became of it, despite the circumstances. I’ll be sure to post more photos soon :)

I also figured that it was about time to review my packing list for the hospital. I still have some time to go (hopefully), but I’d rather have my stuff together beforehand so that I’m not scrambling to pack while undergoing contractions someday in the near future. No thanks.

In the private health care system here, they make you stay in the hospital for at least 4 nights! Much different than back home, but I am totally fine with it. Living so far away from family and friends, I think I will enjoy the extra midwifery support and guidance, not to mention sleep.

Well, I am looking forward to some yoga this evening, in particular these moves (with their informal names):

Pigeon Pose

Shoulder Opener

Prayer Squat
Wide Legged Forward Bend
Legs Up The Wall- Relaxation

Of course, I can (and oftentimes do) practice these moves at home, but for anyone else who practices yoga, there is just something a little more enjoyable and productive about partaking in a class. It’s nice to work out among people with similar interests, goals, and purposes. I find it so motivating and fulfilling.


5 Thoughts on “Tuesday Tellings

  1. I am also a big fan of feta on pizza…so yummy :) Your nursery looks adorable, I love the color scheme!

  2. I find that I'm much more motivated to do it properly in a class, such as Body Balance. Ahhh so close! The room looks beautiful :) I've eaten at that restaurant before! Is it Earth, Sea, Pizza or something? I think?! We thought it was pretty ordinary to be honest, especially for the price. I'm glad you enjoyed yours but :)

  3. That's the one! I really liked mine, but I agree- wasn't the best I've had in my life by any means. Don't you find everything in Brisbane to be expensive though?! Any good (and less expensive) pizza recommendations?

  4. Haha! Really? Well I wouldn't know better I guess! Hmm, I'm not a huge pizza eater and haven't been to this place in ages- but when I went it was phenomenal. The best woodfire pizza I've ever had. It's Kuma's Woodfire Pizza (I think). It's at Brisbane Southside, really good price as well. He also owns an Indian shop (Cafe Kuma) which my bf (chief indian eater) and many others say is the best they've ever had.

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