Hips Don’t Lie

Well, the day has come. Labour? Hah…I wish. 


I had a fantastic Sunday that included some delicious buckwheat pancakes with pineapple and nutella…

…followed by a decently paced walk with Adam, a few neighbourhood hill climbs thrown into the mix as well.

I had so much energy yesterday!
Today was a different story. From the moment I got out of bed this morning, I felt as if I’d just competed in the Tour de France. My pelvic and hip bones are so unbelievably sore that I’ve been hobbling around with a limp all day long. I realize this is probably quite typical for 38 weeks pregnant, but it’s just an uncomfortable feeling I’ve not dealt with yet (I think mostly due to the fact that I’ve remained active throughout the past 9 months). Anyway, this limp that I seemed to develop overnight can also be eloquently described as the “pregnant waddle”. Niceeeee.
Gym plans = cancelled for the day. 

I knew I had to do something, though, in an attempt to offset my current ailments, so I hauled out the yoga mat and worked on some pelvic and hip stretches. Strengthening and stretching of the lumbo pelvic hip complex (‘the core’) is really something that everyone should work at more often; it’s probably one of the most neglected areas when it comes to personal workouts (yet one of the most important). I’m not in the greatest position to recommence LPHC strengthening exercises right now, but some stretching sure went a long way. Cure my waddle? Not a chance. Help to alleviate some of the tightness and pain? You bet.

Seated Abductor Stretch
(For pregnancy, I do this stretch in a seated position with my hands on the floor behind me for support. This way, there is no compression of the belly.)


Seated Adductor Stretch
(For pregnancy, you should create more of a diamond shape with your legs.)


Hip Flexor Stretch
(Ensure knee-ankle is a 90º; maintain a straight posture.


Seated Hamstring Stretch
(Bend from hips, maintaining a straight spine and avoiding much curvature.)


Standing Quadriceps Stretch
(Maintain a straight posture. Refrain from splaying knee outwards.)


So as you can see, it was quite an exciting day around here (or not at all). I did, however, rekindle my affection for tamari almonds. They are amazingly delicious, but I used an espresso cup to portion out my serving, as they are kind of high in sodium and therefore I’m tempted to eat them by the kilogram. 

Oh. Aaaand this pretty much sums up my Super Bowl experience. 

Think Queen Bey works her LPHC? 😉  Girl’s got some crazy moves!!! Loved it.

One Thought on “Hips Don’t Lie

  1. Stretching is so important, and often neglected. As I have gotten older I have realised that things have started to feel much tighter. I really need to put a focus on stretching before things get worse.

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