Obliviously Active

Happy Friday! It’s off to a good start over here. I began the morning with a simple breakfast and then had a FaceTime date with my friend Robyn (Happy Birthday, my lovely bestie!), which unfortunately kept freezing: totally annoying, but always pretty hilarious laughing at each other’s frozen faces. 
No oats or bread this morning, but a little protein was just as filling (and super quick).

Scrambled eggs, baby spinach, sprinkled w/ some cheddar

Well, at almost 38 weeks preggo, I am definitely possessing that “allllllright….let’s get this show on the road” feeling. I’m actually fairly calm about the whole thing now, compared to a couple of weeks ago when I began to have full-on panic in anticipation of all that lies around the corner. 
Sleep is minimal. Legs are irritable. That couch is looking like a promising location to plant myself for the next two weeks, give or take. However, I realize how important it is to stay as moderately active as possible these days in order to keep my energy levels up. 
Besides a few workouts a week, there are other means of getting my butt out of bed and staying mobile. This goes for everyone though, pregnant or not. Losing/maintaining weight, burning calories, and staying active is definitely accentuated by the simple choices we consistently make in our lives, not just our workout regime and diet (which in turn are not always so simple). I’ve compiled a list of things we can all do in our day to day lives to incorporate exercise and mobility without really ‘trying too hard’. 

13 Ways To Stay Obliviously Active In ’13

1. Park far away from the store entrance.
There have been times when I admit to doing loops around the parking lot in an attempt find a close/perfect parking spot. Like, seriously. Come on! I have two legs and they were meant for walking. This might get trickier with a stroller, but I’ll make due :)
2. Make weekend plans that revolve around activity.
A trip to the local farmer’s market? The zoo/museum? Meeting a friend for a walk? I know I fall into the “coffee/lunch date” trap quite often, which is fine. However, there are so many things that you could do that don’t just involve sitting around. I find by planning my weekend activities ahead of time, I end up being much more mobile.
3. Spend time cooking and preparing meals.
This is good for your waistline & wallet as well!
I guess you could try this move too, if you really wanted to.
4. Spice up your run/walk.
Our for an evening stroll? A mid-day jog? Make a point to stop for 3 sets of lunges or triceps dips on a bench at 1/3, 2/3, and then the end of your workout for added benefits.
5. Go shopping (or browsing).
I don’t know about you, but after a couple hours of walking around a shopping mall, I’m always pretty wiped! Being on your feet for that long is a great (and fun) way to stay active on a rainy afternoon. Jessica agrees.
6. Clean.
I always feel a million times happier when surrounded by a clean and organized home. Activities that really burn those calories include shovelling snow, mopping, cleaning the bathroom, washing the car, or vacuuming the entire house. Double whammy!
OMG! Remember Home Alone guy?
7. Offer to Babysit.
Running after children and/or dogs is fun and exhausting. 
8. Dance.
Whether it’s a fitness class like Zumba, a night out dancing with the girls, or busting a move in your very own living room (my personal fave), this is a totally unintentional and fun way of staying active. 
9. Walk vs. Drive.
Whenever something is within walking distance, choose it. No excuses. Dress for the weather. I once heard, “There is no such thing as poor weather. There is only poor choice of clothing.” 
10. Don’t be a grocery bag weight lifter.
We have two flights of stairs from our entrance into our kitchen. I always find myself trying to carry as much as humanly possible to make fewer trips up and down the stairs. Whyyyyy do we do this? Take one or two bags per trip to the kitchen to get in some extra stair climbing! Your glutes will thank you.
11. Wash dishes by hand.
Okay, so I agree that this is annoying and inconvenient to do all the time. However, take advantage of large-dish quantity situations when they do arrive. A little elbow grease goes a long way.
12. Choose ‘Active Activities’
The most evident things to do with friends and family: go out to eat, go to a movie, etc. Think outside the sedentary box and choose something a little more progressive: driving range, skiing, ice skating, canoeing, hiking, bowling…these are all so much more fun, anyway!
Skiing with my girlfriends in Invermere, British Columbia
13. Take the stairs.
Escalator/elevator vs. stairs??? Unless you have an injury or some kind of personal circumstance that doesn’t allow for stair climbing, alwaysalwayslways choose the stairs….ALWAYS!

After writing all of this, I obviously had to follow my own advice. It was off for a cardio-worthy walk with a stop at the grocery store on the way home to pick up some produce for dinner (and a lemonade for good measure).

Lululemon shopping bag = Perfect over the shoulder accessory for walking with groceries!
Oh, and I realize that am dressed like a watermelon, conveniently matching the watermelon sized bébé in ma belly!

Charlie’s Quencher= hot weather deliciousness

Off to finish some laundry. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, whatever you have planned… hopefully involving friends, family, good food, and getting off the couch! 😉

2 Thoughts on “Obliviously Active

  1. I love the “stay active” tips, it's so true that there are a lot of ways to stay active all the time. Hope you stay cool this weekend :)

  2. I love these ! And all the cute pictures to accompany them :) Hahaha ingredient squats are my fav hahahah, thanks for giving me a laugh 😛

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