April Adventures

I’ve always enjoyed this time of year. April is such a transitional month, one that often coincides with a change or uplift in my spirits. It’s a bit different this year living in the Southern Hemisphere, as we have now transitioned into autumn (although at a steady 26 degrees, it’s certainly nothing to be depressed about).  I am used to being in Canada, where after a lengthy winter, the sight of green grass is enough to make us all do Julie Andrews twirls and sing from a mountain top. 

It’s Spriiiing!!!!!
Just to validate my point, here’s the view from my front porch in Calgary last April 12th…

April Snowstorms Bring May Flowers!
Luckily, this all melted a couple of days later.
Whatever your location relative to the equator, April is a perfect time to make new plans, develop new perspectives, and look forward to all that’s to come.
A few of my plans for the next couple of months:

  • Get back to the gym. This will be a bit trickier for the next week+, as I can’t bring Thomas to child care until he is 8 weeks old, and don’t have anyone here to watch him during the daytime.  Until then, I’ll have to go at night after Adam gets home from work, and make a point to get there at least once this weekend.
  • Rekindle my relationship with cardio, in particular running and doing Body Attack again (neither one was a good fit for me during pregnancy), and I’ve really missed them!
  • Join a bootcamp. I’m all signed up for an outdoor Baby Bootcamp beginning in a few weeks. Usually I wouldn’t fork out money for something that I am technically certified to instruct (which, of course, I am in no shape to do right now anyway).  However, I thought it would be a fun change of pace from the past couple months of sitting around talking to a newborn baby, or myself, all day. It lasts for 6 weeks, and I’m really looking forward to it!
  • Eat more salads. A new season = different produce at their prime. I ate a lot more cooked vegetables last year so to avoid contamination of produce & lettuce (yeah, overly cautious crazy preggo lady, I know…). So, I’ll be incorporating waaay more salads into our lunch and dinner rotation! 
  • Enjoy favourite foods again: sushi, goat cheese, a glass of wine… boy, did I miss these “banned foods”!!! Bring on the sashimi!
Home from the hospital sushi extravaganzaaaa!

  • Find a mothers group. I have really missed my girlfriends back home and our frequent get togethers. It has been difficult to meet people here as a pregnant, non-working, new-to-Brisbane’ite. My mom was just here for a month which helped me keep my sanity.  However, now that she is gone, I seriously need more social interaction. Thomas is getting a bit bigger and developing a routine of sorts, so we are ready to branch out and meet some new people!
  • Plan a trip. We just booked a long weekend in Port Douglas in mid-June. We want to start exploring more of Australia, so we thought we’d start with something low key like this tropical town in Northern Queensland. Any Aussies with restaurant or activity suggestions, please let me know!
4 Mile Beach: Port Douglas, QLD
  • This 2 hour flight with an infant will hopefully somewhat prepare us for our other upcoming trip: 35 hours of international travelling at the end of July, taking us all the way back to Atlantic Canada. We’ll be spending a couple of weeks on Prince Edward Island with Adam’s family, Halifax for one of my best friend’s weddings, and then I’ll be heading to New Brunswick with my family for another 2.5 weeks!  I love having this trip to look forward to and can’t wait to see our families, friends, and my fluffy ball of love.
View from my inlaw’s house on Prince Edward Island. One of my favourite places in the world!
Excited to see my sweet girl after a whole year apart!
I hope that you guys also have some exciting changes as we transition into a new season! If not, I definitely suggest taking some time to write down, or simply think about what your next few months have in store. It always puts me in a good mood having things to look forward to.
On a side note…
It’s April 2nd: World Autism Awareness Day.
As a teacher having dealt with several affected students and families over the years, I have a soft spot for this day of awareness. Bubs and I were sporting some baby blue duds today for Light It Up Blue! You can read more about World Autism Awareness Day here.

I’m Lighting It Up Blue, Baby!

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  1. I will ask my boyfriend about Port Douglas recommendations for you, he just went this past weekend! What a fun couple of trips you have to look forward to!

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