Foto Recap (04/29/2013)

My plan to squeeze in some quality time with the blog fizzled out shortly after arriving to our destination this past weekend when I found that the internet was basically non-existent! Definitely made it somewhat difficult to write and upload anything substantial. I apologize for my disappearing act, but nothing much I could do :(
We enjoyed our first, family road trip this past weekend to a town called 1770, about 500 km north of Brisbane. And yes…the town is actually spelled numerically, but there were a few signs with it spelled out as Seventeen Seventy, so apparently both are acceptable. It’s a tiny little spot close to the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef (adjacent to Agnes Waters). Due to the fact that we have a 10 week old, we decided against any kind of boat/snorkelling excursions during the trip, although it would have been a prime location for reef diving. Instead, we perused the town, ate a few meals, hiked around, went to the beach, and discovered the ups & downs of travelling with an infant. I can see why many people choose to hibernate and stay close to home with small children (it was exhausting!!!). However, Adam and I want to make the most of our time here in Australia, so we have no choice but to simply get out there and do it!
Voilà: a few snaps from our weekend.
Road trippin’
Home for the weekend, dolphin mural and all!
I opted out of the fried seafood dishes that seemed to dominate the menus. It wasn’t easy watching a gourmet fish & chips pass by to the table behind me (or in front of my husband) but I survived. Trying my best to behave myself now that I am committed to Baby Boot Camp…
Pear & Blue Cheese
Seared Scallops
Can’t go too long without a smoothie.
Bubs’ first beach day!

Latté on beach. Why not?
Hence the town’s name!
Captain Cook’s landing spot
We’ll keep working on the group pose.

4 Thoughts on “Foto Recap (04/29/2013)

  1. Looks like you had a gorgeous weather weekend! Love the beach pictures, so adorable.
    I need to convince my boyfriend to take a weekend trip up there, he's been and I haven't! Glad you had a fun trip :)

  2. You need to get with the Aussie ways- we do the date day/month/year haha!

    Um omg gorgeous pictures and your little man ahhh just takes my words away. Seeing his little feet on the beach- so adorable. Hope you enjoyed your trip, even if it was more exhausting than relaxing haha

  3. It was a great weekend! It's definitely not the most happening place in the world. I think it would have been a lot more fun if we could have done the boat trip out to Lady Musgrave Island for some snorkelling!!

  4. Haha, Bek! As soon as I published the date, I realized I'd absentmindedly reverted to my old, Canadian ways. Oopsie!

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