Not So Sour Grapes

This, my friends, is not just any bowl of grapes.

It was the perfect bowl of grapes. You know…where each one has a perfect crunch, consistency, and taste. I am certain that anyone in the history of grape consumption knows exactly what I am talking about. In the fruit world, there is nothing worse than unexpectedly chomping into a soft, seeded, sour grape. Yet, nothing better than a perfect one.
My rant about the perfect grape may seem silly and irrelevant. However, it made me think about how often in life we focus on the excessive, the impressive, the main objective. When this happens, we usually forget to notice the smaller facets of everyday life, taking them for granted. 
Simple– honest & ordinary; not complicated by anything else
Pleasure– a feeling of happiness, enjoyment, or satisfaction
I tried to develop a list of my Top 10 Simple Pleasures, but it was impossible to choose just ten favourites. So, here is a list of 25 that make me smile inside:
My Simple Life Pleasures
1. Checking off the last item on a lengthy to-do list.
2. Being in the right place at the right time as someone pulls out of a parking space in an otherwise full lot.
3. Laying on the floor, drenched in sweat, after you’ve completed a tough workout.
4. Listening to the rain patter on the roof, while sleeping-in on a weekend.
5. Laughing so hard to the point no sound comes out.
6. A clean and organized home.
7. Finding a large bill in your pocket/purse.
8. A laughing baby.
9. When your new, favourite song (or all-time favourite song) comes on the radio.
10. Wrapping yourself up in a blanket straight out of the dryer. 
11. Realizing a clothing item is on sale when you are at the till, ready to purchase.
12. Christmas Eve.
13. The smell of cookies baking in the oven.
14. Receiving a card/package/letter in the mail. 
15. Watching your favourite sports team (professional or amateur) win the championship.
16. Finding an important item that you thought had be lost forever.
17. The last day of work before vacation.
18. Going through an old photo album.
19. Receiving a compliment from a stranger.
20. Discovering the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.
21. Turning to watch the groom’s face as his bride walks down the aisle.
22. Playing with a new puppy.
23. Going to complete a chore to find that someone has already done it for you. 
24. Volunteering for a good cause.
25. Seeing old friends and knowing that ‘nothing has changed’.
This list could go on, but I had to draw the line at some point! What are some of your most cherished SLPs?
I know that sometimes I need a reminder of the small but amazing things that exist in my life. Like the perfect bowl of grapes, seemingly irrelevant, but truly priceless. 
Have a wonderful weekend :)
26. …and long walks on the beach, haha!
Sunshine Beach, Noosa, QLD (Dec.1st, 2012, 30 Weeks Pregnant)

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