Surprise, Soup, Sweat

Nothing better than a surprise parcel at the door to start your day off!
From Canada, with Love!

Some coworkers from my school in Calgary got together and sent Thomas a few items as a way to remember ‘where he came from’. I could have cried; it was so sweet of them to think of us. It’s really just a reminder of the wonderful friends and people in my life. A few of the contents:

Sweater: The Bay

Books! A teacher’s favourite gift of all.
T-Shirts: The Bay
After that excitement, it was on to lunch. 

Where’s Waldo Kelly?
I’ll just say it: I don’t like store-bought soup. It’s either loaded with sodium or bland as sin. I can never seem to find something that fits the bill for legitimate enjoyment. I do enjoy a delicious homemade soup, like this butternut squash & lentil one, but sometimes you just need a quick meal (e.g.: work lunches or when your infant gives you 20 minutes of peaceful solitude). I came across Hansells All Natural Soup while at the store a few days ago and decided to pick up one of vegetable variety. 

With store bought soups, I’m always sure to check out the ingredients and nutritional information, especially sodium levels…

Like most soups, it is still higher in sodium, but nothing near most store-bought soups.

In comparison, Campbells vegetable soup has almost 300 more grams of sodium per serving. I also spy ‘beef fat’, among other unnecessary ingredients, in the can. Not a great choice, that’s for sure.

This veggie lunch was delicious and a great alternative to homemade soup when you are pressed for time! The ingredients are super straightforward, so I would definitely like to try to make a similar version in my slow cooker. The chickpeas and Moroccan spices were so good! I’m not going to kid myself into thinking that this stuff is healthier than using fresh veggies in a homemade edition, but if I’m going to go packaged, I will return to this until I find a better one (suggestions welcome)!
And then, this happened…

A little elliptical, with a side of Hef.

While listening to this…

Then onto this…

I did it! I went back to the gym. Elliptical & Body Pump. And it felt amaaaazing!!! It was the longest I’ve been apart from the Bubs so far, but Adam took charge and we all survived our first Mummy’s night out :) Yay!

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