The Boot Camp Beginnings

Yesterday was the first morning of Baby Boot Camp! Despite being completely frazzled trying to get a nine week old out of the house by 8am, we made it on time. Luckily, Bubs slept throughout the entire 2-hour session. It’s usually just a 1-hour workout, but since it was the first day, we had to go through preliminary information, paper work, goal setting, weigh ins, measurements, and then fitness testing in order to measure our progress. 
We also got ‘Before’ pictures taken, which will be compared to an ‘After’ photo at the end of the program. 

Well…there I am. Sooo awkward. Anyway, I kind of wish I’d worn a tighter shirt so that I could get a better before & after comparison. Oh well. 
We also had to record 3 goals for our boot camp experience. Mine are as follows:
1) Tone Up!
2) Develop a consistent fitness routine again.
3) Lose pregnancy induced “body fat” (i.e.: decrease body fat %: we had it measured/calculated today).
Notice I said “body fat” and not “body weight”. Muscle weighs much more than fat, so to say I want to lose however many pounds/kilos never works for me. I actually won’t be very surprised if I do not lose much weight from now until the end of the boot camp, as I always tend to weigh more when I’m consistently doing resistance training. So, I may shed body fat, but in doing so I’ll be adding muscle mass. For example:
Here’s a random google search-Tumblr person…but the accuracy of this photo is likely very much on par.


Sure, muscle weighs more than fat, but it definitely looks a lot better!
We then did the following fitness tests and recorded our totals:
  • Pushups 
  • Bodyweight Squats 
  • Push Ups
  • Lunges
  • Plank
  • Step Ups on Bench
  • Dips Off Bench
  • Hill Sprints
  • Timed Run with Stroller (1 km)
Now, I didn’t think I was in terrible shape going into this boot camp, but by the end of the session I was a puddle of sweat (and super sore today). Also, running up hill as fast as you can with a stroller is a lot harder than I thought it would be! I definitely felt for the three girls who have twins and a double stroller. Yikes!
The last pages of our boot camp manual are dedicated to food and eating! 
The program has provided us with food lists for all of our meals (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, optional dessert) in order to achieve the most desirable results. There are some great suggestions, but I intend to play around with it a little bit and add a few more favourable options. Although exercise is extremely important, diet is definitely the #1 determinate in body fat loss/gain. 

I know that I need to do a better job at monitoring what I’m consuming. None of the food requirements come as a surprise to me, but I’ve definitely been ‘over-comsuming’ lately, even for a exclusively breastfeeding mum (we need around 450-500 more calories a day than the average woman). In order to stay conscious of and accountable for the type/amount of food I’m eating, I will be recording everything in the journal provided by the program.

Next week, I am going to create a shopping & food list for one of my blog posts. We are going away this Thursday for the long weekend in Australia (Anzac Day), so I want to ensure that I provide you with a complete week of food and meal ideas!
Just as an example, here is what I ate today:
Breakfast- Weet Bix w/ milk (I think this is an Aussie cereal) and a pear
Snack– Fuji Apple and Greek Yogurt
Lunch– Salmon Sushi Roll (1) and Salmon Nigiri (4 pieces)
Snack– Unsalted almonds & cashews
Dinner– Grilled chicken breast with pesto, couscous, asparagus & tomatoes
Dessert/SnackHaven’t eaten yet, but planning to have 2 kiwis with cottage cheese and a bit of yogurt

I’m normally not this controlled about what I eat (and I never want food to become an obsession), but I know that if I want to get back into pre-baby shape, then I need to be a little more focused for the next month or two. Writing down what you eat is an excellent way to monitor food intake for quantity and quality. Plus, it’ll make me hesitate to scarf down that bowl of ice cream on a Tuesday night knowing that I will have to record it in my booklet! 
Behold the “Banned Food” List section. Umm…Aussie friends…can someone please explain to me what a lollie is? I’m assuming adults here don’t eat lollypops on a regular basis (or maybe they do?).

So friends, that is my plan for the next little while. I’ll keep you posted on my progress :)
Well, it’s bath time over here (for the Bubs, not me). Although now that I think about it, my muscles and I could definitely use a hot bath right about now…

6 Thoughts on “The Boot Camp Beginnings

  1. Damn, Mama! I bet your before picture already looks like a lot of the other Mum's after photos.

    Lollies are just candies – anything that falls under that category – chocolates, sweets, chewy candy, hard candies, lollipops, caramels etcetc.

  2. Lollies are candies and confectionary :) Haha you cutie!
    good job- even in your before picture you look amazing btw! Good luck with it all and just make sure you don't eat TOO little.. a lot of people fall into that and it's tough to get out of :) x

  3. You are doing great already, and this sounds like an awesome bootcamp! Is this the weekend you are headed to Port Douglas? Have a blast! :)

  4. Thanks!! That was my guess 😉

  5. Yep, gotta keep eating! Need to in order to feed the little guy, too!!!

  6. Port Douglas in June :) We were in 1770.

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