A Few Thoughts (02/05/13)

1. My iPhone case has officially perished. My sister from another mister, Martha, recommended Society 6. She always has the best cases, so I decided to follow her lead. The product designs (cases, cards, shirts, etc) are all taken from hundreds of thousands of artists/artwork from around the world. It was very difficult to choose just one. So, I obviously bought two. I could have ordered 10, but decided that would be slightly unnecessary. 😉

2. Favourite snack of the week (ate this 3 times):

Cottage Cheese
Plain Greek Yogurt (1 tbsp)
Sliced Apple

3. It seems like everything I want to make lately requires a food processor. I had one back in Calgary, but it didn’t make the voyage overseas with us. I want to invest in a high quality one, but the voltage is different in Australia than in Canada & the States, so when we have to leave, it wouldn’t be of any use to me anymore. I picked up a small one today for $25 and figure that should suffice for my present purposes (eg: making my own Larabars).

4. How awesome is this?

My brother’s lovely girlfriend took these photos (thanks, Erica!!) in Ottawa yesterday while at ‘Yoga on the Hill’. Lululemon puts on a free yoga class on Wednesdays on Parliament Hill. I just think the concept and whole atmosphere looks amazing. It’s definitely something I would love to do if I lived in Canada’s capital. Someone needs to get Stephen Harper out there doing a downward dog or two.

5. Has anyone else seen this?

I put this to my nose the other day and was caught off-guard by an overwhelming smell, reminiscent of Vicks vapour rub. I suppose I should have taken notice to the box description, but who reads the label of Kleenex boxes, anyway? I’m not entirely sure how I feel about taking a whiff of eucalyptus every time my nose is runny. Weird.
6. Two new foodie purchases this week: 

7. I have a serious case of Mummy Brain. It’s bad. I know that Baby Brain is typical for pregnant women, but I didn’t really suffer from the absentminded ridiculousness until lately. A few dumb moments from the past week:

  • I was half way through typing a text message to a friend when I realized I was writing it within the Google Search box. Yeah. I know..
  • As I released a letter into the mailbox, I realized that I’d placed the stamp on the wrong side of the envelope (left hand corner). Oopsie. Hope that card makes it to Canada…
  • I actually forgot the word ‘asparagus’. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember what it was called, despite the fact that I eat it every other week. Behold Monday’s grocery list:

Sadly, the stupidity list is much lengthier, but some are just too embarrassing to publicly share.
8. Exercise.makes.me.happy.


Since beginning baby boot camp, I have been feeling so much better, despite my very sore muscles. It feels amazing to be back into somewhat of a fitness routine again. 
That’s all for today, friends. The weekend is almost here; hang in there :)

4 Thoughts on “A Few Thoughts (02/05/13)

  1. :) Loving your thoughts! Your snack is similar to mine but I have Chobani Plain 0% instead. I really want to start having cottage cheese to get some variety but worried I won't be able to stomach it. I'm thinking I might start with some pineapple and cottage cheese- surely anything with pineapple will taste good right haha.

  2. I used the Chobani plain too, just to break up the cottage cheese consistency.
    I was the same as you. I suggest starting out by mixing it with a whole yogurt, fruit, and some granola or something. I'm so used to it now that I can pretty much eat it on its own!

  3. Love your new phone covers, I wouldn't have been able to walk away with just one either! I am having the same dilemma about a food processor as you. I think I may go searching for a small one like that! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Yeah, I actually just picked it up at Kmart (is it not Aussie's Walmart?? haha) I can't handle reading another recipe that calls for food processing anymore. This should tide me over for a little while.

    The covers are awesome quality. Highly recommend.

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