A Few Thoughts (25/05/13)

Aaaand some randomness for you on this lovely Saturday…
1. It’s getting to be that time again when I need to find myself a new pair of runners. I have my Asics which are still in reasonably decent shape since I didn’t run much in them over the past year. However, they aren’t overly versatile. In general, I love the light weight and overall look of Nike Frees. I have the 2.0 version (the soles are completely worn out), but have never found them that great for outdoor running or lateral and plyometric movements in fitness classes. I feel like they aren’t supportive enough. Does anyone have the 3.0, 4.0, or 5.0 versions? I would be interested in hearing your feedback (in the comment section below) and what type of fitness activities you use them for!


2. When choosing clothing for Bubs, I have a preference for preppy. However, every boy needs a pair of basketball kicks (I got these ones from a friend this week). If he’s anything like his 6’5″ uncles, he’ll be slam dunking in no time. #start’emearly

3. Speaking of clothing and children, I purchased a sweater a couple of days ago while on the hunt for some much-needed, cooler-weather attire. I had to laugh when I closely read the label after I got home.
Great! All I need now is a mini van.
4. Remaining on the topic of clothing…

There’s more where this came from…

I cleaned out my closet this week during one of Bubs’s nap times. I have only been wearing about 10% of my wardrobe, as most of my stuff seems to be either “business casual” or “girls night out”. As much as I love some of the items, I need to face reality: those Vegas dresses and 4″ heels may look slightly out of place at the neighbourhood park. It’s time for a major overhaul! Obviously I’m not getting rid of everything, but I figure if I haven’t worn it in a year and don’t expect to wear it for another one, then I should probably part ways. I was invited to a private Facebook group for selling clothing here in Brissie, so I’m in the process of taking photos of some items to sell, and organizing other things to donate to charity. I don’t know about you, but I have such a hard time letting go of clothing. I always seem to find sentimental value in them, feel guilty about the money that I spent, etc etc. But…the plug needs to be pulled.
5. They say not to eat your feelings. However, this gourmet veggie burger with beets from Grill’d definitely lifted my spirits one night this week…
6. The new J-Lo and Pitbull song, Live It Up, is locked and loaded on my workout playlist this week. They debuted it on the American Idol finale and it makes me want to run, dance, and run some more.
Performing on AI (Source)

7. Farmers Markets are so much better than the grocery store. We finally made it to one of the outdoor markets in Brisbane this morning. The produce is fresh, perfect, and so much less expensive. We really need to make a point of going more often (and bring extra cash so that we can purchase more).

Plus, it’s a fun way to spend an hour or two. After picking out some fruits and veggies, we bought lunch at one of the stalls and had a little family picnic in New Farm Park. Even though it’s getting a bit cooler out, it was still perfect for relaxing on the grass under a tree! I love how we can get outside year round to enjoy days like this; it’s one of my favourite things about living in Australia.

8. Official Countdown to Canada: 2 months from today! I’m soooo excited for our trip back home in July. My Mom is the only family member who has met Thomas, so we can’t wait to spend some quality time with everyone, attend one of my best friend’s weddings, see all of my girlfriends, cuddle my Macy girl, eat some East Coast lobster rolls, and stuff myself with a year’s worth of berries (yes- I am still refusing to pay $9 for a 1/2 pint of sad looking blueberries, Australia…). Anyway, the excitement is building by the day!
9. I picked up a couple of gifts today for two of Adam’s coworkers who are expecting babies in the next few weeks. It was a specialty children’s shop, so they offered in-store gift wrapping. Perfect!

Ummmm??! I’ll be re-wrapping immediately. I mean, I wasn’t expecting a Saks 5th Avenue worthy job or anything, but seriously….
Well, that’s a wrap!  I don’t have any plans yet for Sunday, but hoping to get out for a run along the river in the morning, make up a batch of protein cakes for brunch, and then see where the afternoon takes us. Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend full of fresh air, a little exercise, great company, and delicious eats!

4 Thoughts on “A Few Thoughts (25/05/13)

  1. first off, i love this post : -) so happy for you that you'll be in canada in 2 months! I have a month to go until i'm USA bound and I couldn't be more excited! I just got a new pair of Nike Free's (the 5's) and I love them! I use them more for things like body pump and spin than running, but I will do 3ish mile runs in them. I'm loving the baby kicks too, adorable. Live it up has been on my playlist on repeat since the AI finale, too, it is so energizing. Hope you have a great start to your week!

  2. Ohhh, thank you for your input on the Frees. I know you run often, so that's good to hear!!!

  3. Wow, that's some dodgy wrapping. Oh how I wish it was berry season in Australia.

  4. Haha, I know!!! I almost feel like sending the photo to the store owner, but don't want to get the person in trouble :)

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