Being A Mum & Making Time For Health

Hi, guys! Between writer’s block (i.e.: not much excitement happening around here) and choosing naps over computer during downtime, my blogging underwent a weekend fizzle. Ah well…here I am. 
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed my first Mother’s Day- the best one yet 😉  I was able to sleep in (undisturbed) until 8am! That is a gift in itself these days. Thomas also gave me a spa package and thanked me for “bringing him into this world”. What a guy! Now I just need to find a couple of free hours to make use of it!

How thoughtful! We’ll have to work on his handwriting skills, though.

We relaxed most of the morning, went for coffees and a little stroll along the river in the afternoon, and had a delicious dinner of BBQ’d Atlantic salmon with salad.

All in all, it was a lovely Mother’s Day. I still find it a bit surreal, to be honest. I am someone’s mother. Wasn’t I just 7 years old and making my own Mom a “You’re The #1 Mommy” card out of pink construction paper and Crayola markers? I remember when I got married, thinking how strange it was to have a “husband”. Well, the concept of having a “son” is even crazier. Yet, it is truly amazing. 
Today marks three months with our baby Bubs. The end of the 4th trimester, as they say. I finally feel like life is straightening itself out. We are getting ‘enough’ sleep, eating healthy and complete meals, fitting in some fairly consistent workouts, and getting out to socialize as much as possible (with the little guy in tow, of course). I still have plenty of work to do (physically) and I’m certainly not where I was before becoming pregnant with Thomas…but I don’t expect to be. I know that it will come with time. For now, I’m just enjoying being a mother and trying to incorporate fitness into the mix, slowly but surely.
Now that I’m in the middle of this whole motherhood journey, I must say that having a healthy lifestyle is completely do-able for parents and/or very busy people. It is SO easy to make excuses for why you can’t work out, eat healthy food, get enough sleep, etc. I’ve definitely done my fair share of excusing myself out of exercise and eating properly in my life. I totally get it. However, I’ve found that you just need to make it a priority. I believe that a healthy person will ultimately be happier as a parent, an employee, a student, a friend, a life partner, or all of the above. Although I believe this, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. I have to continuously remind myself of how important it is. Everyday. Especially at 7:30am when I need to wake up for bootcamp after being awake half the night. Kiiiind of because I paid $ to do the program, but mostly because I know I’ll regret it if I don’t attend.


I read an article in the Wall Street Journal (online) that discussed ‘Fit Moms’. These mothers are a special breed who are basically fanatical exercisers. Although I don’t think this is the solution to living a healthy lifestyle as a mother (nor do I ever want to be that extreme), there were a few interesting points made within the article, including how these fit mamas schedule their days to ensure adequate time is spent working out. These tips can definitely translate to anyone who holds a hectic life. I really think there is a lot to be said for prioritizing one’s schedule and choosing to live actively. 
Tips For Fitting Workouts Into A Busy Schedule
Go to bed early. Turn in shortly after the children do to get enough sleep.
Get up early. Many fit moms find the most reliable time to work out is while the kids and spouse are still asleep.
Exercise with kids. Try running with a stroller or biking with a trailer.
Work out at home. A treadmill, stationary bike or workout DVDs let a parent exercise while kids nap or play.
Divide and conquer. If a long workout isn’t doable, do several shorter ones throughout the day.
Pen it in. Fit moms schedule workouts like appointments.
Avoid TV. Go for an hour-long walk instead.

It’s not always easy, but I think if you want it badly enough, you can most definitely make daily exercise and a healthy diet part of your everyday life. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a teacher, a lawyer, a brain surgeon, have two jobs, or a retiree…it’s possible. 

Speaking of which, I’d better get myself ready for bed. The little guy is already fast asleep for the night ( least until 1am or so), so I need to make the most of this quiet time. The morning will be here sooner than I know and I’d rather my inner-motivation-wakeup-for-bootcamp-battle be as painless as possible! 😉

4 Thoughts on “Being A Mum & Making Time For Health

  1. Oh I'm totally with you. Jesse and I are currently living at home, with my family and I keep looking around my childhood room and thinking “wow, I'm going to be a wife?” – I remember having tea parties with all of the bears on top of my wardrobe and when my wardrobe never ever contained jeans. I can't imagine how it must feel to be someone's Mum on top of that!

    A hugeeeeeeeeeeeee high five to you for taking time out for you. It's so important that you continue to value your health – and not just let it fall by the wayside. You're setting an incredible example for your family – and also those around you.

    Hope your morning bootcamp was a blast!

  2. Sounds like a special first mother's day, I'm so happy for you! I love that you are making health and fitness a priority for you and your family. It's so important, no matter how busy we get! Hope you get to use your spa day soon :)

  3. These major life changes are pretty crazy, but we somehow make it through and wonder how we ever lived any differently :)

  4. Thanks, Meredith! Me too, haha!

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