Gym Peeves and a little WW

Hello, friends! Hello, Wednesday! You know what that means…I get to do a Workout Wednesday post. Woo! It’s been a couple of weeks since giving you a workout, as I’ve failed to execute in the blogosphere on hump day (random side note: I totally thought I was making up the work ‘blogosphere’, but autocorrect didn’t even attempt an underline to change it. hah). Anyway, I’ve successfully accomplished four straight days of workouts- either running, bootcamp, or a fitness class- so I’m feeling particularly energetic and motivated. Plus, the little guy is napping like a champion today which gives me some time to myself. High fives all around!
Okay, so quick story. Yesterday morning didn’t work out for us to get to the gym. I decided to schedule Thomas into child care for 5:30pm so that I could attend a Body Attack class before dinner. He had a rough time yesterday (which means I, too, had it rough), so I was very much looking forward to an hour of Kelly-time.
The instructor was awesome, music was energizing, and I definitely squeezed in some decent cardio.  I am not typically phased by others at the gym; I just focus on my goal and do my own thing. However, it just happened to be of those days where a few of the other gym-goers got on my nerves. For anyone who’s participated in a fitness class before, you know the standard procedure: 
Enter room. Grab equipment (if any). Stand in your spot. Be mindful of others’ space. Right? 
Despite the enormity of the room, a girl came and stood immediately in front of me (no exaggeration…probably 1 meter distance). Out of all the empty space, THAT was apparently where she thought she should set up. Body Attack requires lots of movement, so this obviously wasn’t going to go over well; I moved accordingly. Later on, a guy got a little aggressive during star jumps and actually whacked me! I accepted his apology, but couldn’t stop laughing. Personal space, people. Personal space…
These incidents got me thinking about overall gym etiquette. I know some people are unaware or unfamiliar with gym procedures- totally understandable. It can definitely be an intimidating place for those who haven’t had much experience working out before, and in those situations I always have empathy and understanding. There are some things, though, that will forever strike an irritation chord within. Ready for it?
Personal Peeves At The Gym
1. The Competitor– Please stop watching my treadmill screen in evaluation of my level and ‘calories burned’. All that you are doing is awakening my own, inner competitor, and I will have no other choice but to outwork you. This is particularly annoying on days when I just wanted to take it easy. Thanks. Thanks a lot.
2. “Mirror Mirror On The Wall…”. Now, I totally understand why people like to have mirror access for exercises. I actually find it helps to be mindful of your form, especially during resistance training. It just gets a bit awkward watching someone stare longingly at their reflection or flex their muscles in between sets. 
3. Unfortunate Footwear. Gym = Runners. Sneakers. Running Shoes. Kicks. Whatever you want to call them. Flip flops, Uggs, or bare feet look ridiculously out of place (not to mention the safety issues that arise)….buuuut that’s just my opinion.
Yes, I actually took this photo in January.
4. The Dumbbell Hoarder. When you are done an exercise, please return your weights to the rack. Collecting 4 sets of dumbbells at your feet is extremely unnecessary. 
5. The Vocalists. Oftentimes a workout can be very gruelling, causing one to vocalize in one way or another. However, sometimes this gets taken to a whooooole new level. Shhhhhh! You’re making everyone very uncomfortable.
6. Girls’ Night Out. There is no need to apply buckets of makeup, neglect to wear a sports bra, or do cardio with your hair down. You are confused about your location. Not to mention that you are also making my sweaty, makeup-less self look bad.
7. The Disruptors. This is especially frustrating at yoga (loud talkers, coming in late, etc). If you are tardy for class, there is no need for a grande entrance. 
8. Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater. Heeey! You only did 7 burpees, not 10!!! Plus, I lapped you during our run. Three times. How are you done before me? I realize that you’re the one who’s losing out here, but once again…you are making me look bad.
9. Too Close for Comfort. Just like my fitness class story, this happens other times as well. When presented with a row of 10 empty treadmills, you choose the one beside me. This makes me feel a bit claustrophobic.


10. The Stinker. This can be one extreme (off the charts body odour) to the other (bathing in perfume). If I can smell you overtop of the gym stench, then we have problems. Oh, and let’s not forget to address the phantom farter. Please use the washroom before joining us in the cardio room. When I catch you staring at the person beside you with a blameful grimace, the truth comes out. You’re not kidding anyone, poopy pants.
Whew! There. Glad to get that off my chest :)
Onto Workout Wednesday!

A simple one for you today, inspired by the various benches that I’ve run past in my neighbourhood and at bootcamp. During a jog/run/walk, try to stop at a few benches along the way. It’s the perfect way to incorporate a little bit of resistance training into your cardio session.

I’ve included photo descriptors for seated squats and ab crunches below, FYI. I hope you are all having a great Wednesday. I’m off to enjoy some dinner- greek salad and bbq’d Tasmanian salmon!! 
Do you have any fitness-related pet peeves?

Seated Squats

Seated Abdominal Crunch


8 Thoughts on “Gym Peeves and a little WW

  1. I couldn't agree more with that list! It's basically why I cancelled my gym membership and found other ways to work out!

  2. Martha on May 29, 2013 at 4:42 pm said:

    Oh this is good – but I think you forgot one: the “Constantly Connected” gym go-er, you know, the person who likes to just sit on the workout machines typing away on their smartphone while not actually working out – do you really need to send a tweet from the seated row machine? Or the person who is actually talking on the phone while working out… i do not need to hear your conversation about how “totally out of control last night was”. Put the smartphone down, back away from the BlackBerry, your twitter followers will be ok while you workout and if you are ACTUALLY working out and getting your sweat on, your Facebook friends do not need to see the selfie you are taking in front of the gym mirror :)

  3. I agree with all of those! The one thing that drives me crazy lately is the guy that comes in in the middle of spin class, to do his own workout! There is a class on, in case you missed it! Can't you wait 15 minutes? So annoying!

    I'm definitely going to try out the park bench workout the next time I'm running in the park!

  4. Haha, totally understand. I usually just try to zone in on my own workout, but sometimes things are just too obvious to ignore!

  5. So true, Mar!! This should be #11 for suuuure.

  6. Hahhah, I can't believe that someone actually does that in your spin class!!? That's hilarious. Who does that!?

  7. LOL you had me laughing, especially the “girls night out” and “cheater cheater pumpkin eater”! I see so many girls will full faces of makeup and I just don't get it! We go to the gym to sweat!! Also, so many people in the bootcamp I attend cheat. I know they are just cheating themselves so I try not to let it bother me but they make it so obvious, it's ridiculous! Glad you've had a good week hun!

  8. One of the things that drives me crazy are the trainers at my gym who will not put back items when they are done with them. They will leave the area….finish with client and pick up their items to leave for the day and the weights, ball or whatever else is just sitting in the middle of the floor. It drives me CRAZY!!! They should know better!

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