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My hope is that someday I will be a consistent blogger. Sooner than later would be nice. Blogging/writing is my creative outlet, especially since I am not in the classroom (teaching) at present. It is something that brings me joy and fulfillment. However, at this point it is simply a hobby of mine that is forced into the backseat when other priorities take precedence…like my family! This week has been ridiculously busy and I honestly don’t know where the hours disappear to. It’s sometimes a challenge not having anyone else to help out or take care of Bubs throughout the day, as the only time I have to myself is when he’s napping (which has been in 15 minute intervals all week long- he’s had his first cold and been demanding my constant attention). Anyway, I feel guilty for the inconsistency of my writing, knowing that people are checking in just to see the same post still sitting there on the main page. I’m so grateful for you guys and your support & readership. Thank you for being understanding and continuing to follow my journey, despite the fact that I can’t always be counted on for consistent posts and updates lately. 
I’ll be back tomorrow with one of my A Few Thoughts’ posts. Until then, happy weekend! I’m spending the night with my boys, a big cup of tea, and some much needed sleep. xo

I wouldn’t want to spend my Friday night with anyone else <3

4 Thoughts on “Just A Quick Hello!

  1. I totally understand your feelings as guilt, as I often take breaks from blogging as well, but please know that it's really not necessary for you to apologize! I can only imagine how busy you must be with your new little bubs! There are only so many hours in the day and I think that all of your readers respect that obviously yours have to be shared with the little guy who is most precious to you and needs your attention the most! Enjoy your time with him and don't worry about us.. we'll be right here waiting and ready to read whenever you do get the chance! Take care :)

  2. So sweet. Thanks, Ashley!!!

  3. Don't feel guilty Kelly, your family comes first. I look forward to all of your posts, no matter if they're once a day or once a week! : -)

  4. Thanks, Merry! That means a lot :)

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