One More Gym Peeve and a Side of Coconut Curry

Naturally, Bubs and I were in a hectic state this morning trying to get out of the house on time for a Rip class (similar to Body Pump) at the gym. I was thinking of taking the day off, but my nearly-70-year-old neighbour told me that she was going. And she’d just disembarked a plane from South Africa 6 hours earlier and hadn’t slept soundly in 35 hours. Yeah…I know!!! Obviously any excuses I thought of conjuring up no longer seemed valid. 
Luckily, I made it to the class just in time for an awesome hour of strength training. I was well fuelled after a hearty oatmeal breakfast, which I can only do on days that don’t involve cardio. 
Oats (cooked/heated), Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Handful of Raw Almonds, Small Apple (Cubed)
Topped with Raw Honey and a PB Blob!

I had lots of feedback on yesterday’s gym pet peeve post! You guys are funny; apparently I’m not the only one who has some opinions about gym etiquette and appropriateness. My sister friend Martha mentioned I’d left one out: #11: The Smartphone Fanatic. Such an obvious one that I hadn’t even thought of! And do you know what? During Rip class this morning, I couldn’t help but notice the mobile phone obsession everywhere! Several people had their phones sitting at the side of their respective benches and stopped to text message between tracks. Someone even answered a call during one song! It’s such a weird world we live in. Ten years ago, no one really had mobile phones. Now, we can’t seem to go 30 minutes without ‘checking in’. Hmm..
It was a rainy day here in Brisbane. After my morning workout, Bubs and I had a fun filled day of laundry, a grocery store adventure, our usual play time together, and throwing together a slow cooked meal for tonight.  

I find that lately I’ve been using it more often, as some nights are tough to get dinner prepared on time with a baby in my arms. The slow cooker makes things so easy, and is perfect on a gloomy day when you’re craving something warm and comforting. On the menu tonight: Chicken & Vegetable Coconut Curry!

I started with THIS recipe, using light coconut milk. I also added green beans for more veg and some extra spices too. Oh, and instead of corn starch, I used 1 tbsp of whole wheat flour. See, this is what happens with recipes; I always end up changing things around. I guess that’s the fun in cooking, though.
Although it wasn’t as spicy as we like our curries, it was still really good; nice and light! I will continue to play around with curries and spices to find my favourite ‘at home’ version that doesn’t use pre-packaged/bottled curry paste. I’m thinking chickpeas would make a delicious vegetarian option. Or using bay leaves or lemon grass. If you know of any great ones, please send them my way! We are big Thai and Indian food lovers around here.
Served with basmati rice. No naan bread tonight!
Oh, and I can’t forget about dessert/before-bed snack. I wanted ice cream. Or chocolate. Maybe both. This seemed like a healthier compromise :)
Lemon Chobani with Chocolate Chips for Good Measure
Well, I’m off to hang out with my little fam and then hit the sack. Our baby boot camp 6-week evaluations are tomorrow- I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast! I’ll have LOTS to share with you about my experiences, results, and overall feelings after tomorrow. Stay tuned. xx

4 Thoughts on “One More Gym Peeve and a Side of Coconut Curry

  1. I leave my phone at home while working out. That way I can concentrate better, and not accidentally leave it a the gym!

  2. Ah smart phone fanatics – I don't even go to a gym, but instead walk around the park and about 80% of people walking/running will have their smart phones in hand/on arm bands and checking their stats or setting up their apps before they start. When I walk to the entrance of the park they will literally stop right in front of you to program their phone.

    Sucks to be them though, because I get to enjoy nature whilst they're busy being robots ;P

  3. Totally agree!! I find exercise to be so therapeutic and a nice “break” from a busy, computer filled life!

  4. I see so many people working out with their phones in their hand and I think it's ridiculous. I love having a break from everything when I'm working out, especially my phone! Love the idea of lemon chobani and chocolate chips. I just wish I could find the lemon flavor here! I have only been able to find strawberry and blueberry!

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