What’s In My Cart? (5/13)

Hi lovelies! Here is the What’s In My Cart May ’13 edition (or “trolley” for my Aussie friends, of course). Keep in mind that I don’t post everything I’ve purchased, otherwise we’d be here all day! 
Sunflower seed kernels! I got a giant bag to use for 3 purposes: baking, sprinkling on salads, and combining in nut mixes. If you have any more suggestions for me, I’d love to hear them in the comment section at the bottom!

I’m not going to post pictures of every produce item I bought (obvs.), but I’m including two that I seem to be eating every single day. 
Lately, I’ve been eating a banana every morning in my oatmeal, with wheetbix, in a smoothie, or on wholegrain toast with peanut butter. 

An avocado a day keeps the doctor away!? I eat these bad boys with everything. On salads, in sandwiches and wraps, with omelettes/egg scrambles, on crackers with tuna, guacamole, quesadillas…the list goes on.

A great, low-sugar, baking replacement for oils/butter (fats). Choose one that is made from the highest % of apple possible.

On its own, blended with honey & berries, replacement for sour cream, in smoothies…shall I continue? Love this stuff! Make sure your greek yogurt is the real deal.

Although it’s a bit pricier in other countries (especially Australia), 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup makes a good substitute for regular sugar in baking and other kitchen endeavours. It also reminds me of my home and native land. <3

A good bean makes a huge difference. One of my favourite coffee shops here brews this brand, so I picked some up when I saw it at a specialty shop. It’s more expensive by the kilogram than your standard coffee bean. However, when I can make a delicious coffee at home then I’m less inclined to spend money at coffee shops while out and about during the day. (it really adds up!$!)

Usually I just buy the regular ‘ol flaked tuna in water and add a little mayo to the mix. The store had about 10 different brands of flavoured tuna that caught my attention, though. While reading the labels, I noticed that most of them contained all sorts of crazy ingredients, emulsifiers, etc., so I wasn’t too pumped about them, generally speaking. However, I found these ones to be pretty natural with their ingredients, so I’m giving them a whirl. Great on crackers, in a salad, or wrap/sandwich for work lunches and busy days. Just make sure to compare the ingredients to pick the healthiest variety (the one that you know what each ingredient actually is, and if you had time could actually create it yourself)!

I like this brand of egg whites. I used it in Canada as well, so was happy to find it here. For my egg concoctions, I usually use 1 whole egg w/ the yoke and the rest egg whites.

These are the closest thing I’ve found to Lärabar (my fave energy bar) in Australia. I carry them in Thomas’s diaper bag if we are out and I need a quick snack.
We don’t use store-bought/bottled dressings for our salads. Instead, we use straight up balsamic vinegar and/or extra virgin olive oil. I thought I’d pick up some raspberry wine vinegar for a change of taste from the ‘ol regular. (I actually used it in a salad for dinner tonight and will share the recipe for the dressing later this week).

Cinnamon. Every morning. Oats + Cinnamon = Love. Actually, cinnamon + everything = love.

Soooo… after many months of refusing to pay an exorbitant amount for salmon, I gave in. So far, I’ve given in 3 times, and this shall continue. It’s difficult on the concience when you’re used to paying a certain price for food and then having to spend almost double on it! Oh well. Me needs some omega. 

Veggies & dip, here I come! I also used this as a spread on a grilled cheese & veggie sandwich on the weekend, and is a delicious replacement for mayo, mustard, or other boring condiments. 

I cheated on Nutella, and I don’t think I can look back. This stuff is amazingly delicious, and I need to hide it on a very high shelf. 

What’s in your cart lately?

6 Thoughts on “What’s In My Cart? (5/13)

  1. You have some great stuff, thanks for all of the ideas! I agree, oats + cinnamon=love. My favorite combinations are oats & cinnamon and apples and cinnamon, yum!
    Thanks for posting those Macro bars, I've been searching for a Lara Bar replacement. Also, what is that dark chocolate spread? I need to buy that immediately!

  2. Ay yi yi, how much salmon do you get for that price? Does it feed you and your husband? I find I usually spend around $10 on salmon for two.. so pricey!

  3. I am loving sunflower seeds at the moment too! I've been blending all different types of nuts/seeds together lately in a nut/seed butter blend and it is SO good!

    If you have Aldi near you, buy their applesauce – it's 100% apple and so so good! (and cheap!) It only comes in single serve tubs, but it's so cheap it doesn't matter, haha.

    I LOVE those egg whites – and those macro bars are always in my purse! The mint is my number one favourite – and they're so much better than larabars (sorry Larabar fans!)

    I've been eyeing off that chocolate spread and now you've convinced me to grab it next time I'm in Woolies! 😉

  4. It's new to Woolies! It's Oxfam Dark Chocolate and it's with the peanut butter/fruit spread section. I can't wait to have it with protein pancakes this weekend :)

  5. Hahah yes, $28/kg! Ahh! That price above just fed the 2 of us for dinner. Craaazy.

  6. I've never been in an Aldi before! There is one right beside my fave pharmacy, so I will stop in next time to check everything out. I love that it's 100% apple.

    And yes. Go buy the chocolate spread. Run to the store. NOW! :) The dark chocolate is amazing. Plus, it supports a good cause :)

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