A Few Thoughts (11/06/13)

Let’s dive right in, shall we?
1. Yesterday was a holiday here in most of Australia: the Queen’s Birthday
I believe this is similar to Canada’s Victoria Day, but representative of Queen Elizabeth II. Strangely enough, Western Australia has chosen to instead celebrate the Queen’s Birthday in September. Even more strange is that her birthday is actually on April 21st! Hmm. 
Another Aussie notion that I haven’t quite figured out yet: Winter began on June 1st. It’s obviously that time of year in the southern hemispheres, but one would assume it should begin on the solstice though, right? Can you change science like that? I got tired of google searching for a reasonable answer so I’m just rolling with it…
2. The newest fitness trend: Prancercise! (seriously)
Prancercise: A springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation. Okay, you seriously need to watch THIS video, if you haven’t already. It’s truly a new wave of fitness that’ll work you from head to camel toe! Hilarious. It reminds me of my roommates and I “running” home from our university pub back in the day after a few too many adult beverages (also likely induced by elation)! Ms. Rohrback and her rapidly growing ‘following’ take Prancercise very seriously, though! I must say, she appears to be in pretty amazing shape. Maybe she’s onto something…

3. Have you ever returned a purchased item? To a grocery store? 

I bought this from a small health food store a few weeks ago. It was during a sale, and I thought I was buying it for $4.00 (regularly $8.00). It’s actually a tiny container, so even $8.00 is a bit steep, but I would happily try it out for half the price. Aaaanyway, I got home, looked at the receipt, and realized I had actually paid $18.00 for it! WHAT?! I finally returned it today while out running errands. I’m sure it tastes delicious, but I couldn’t morally spend $1+/table spoon. I’d feel guilty with every bite.

4. Love this idea.

At Christmas time, my bestie’s Mum gave her an old suitcase filled with letters and postcards written in the 1930s from her great grandmother to her grandfather (mother to son) while he was away at boarding school in England. Some were written from an ocean liner as she was travelling across the Atlantic, and others from home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’s simply an Ikea vanity with a glass overlay! So cute for a wardrobe or dressing room, and a functional way of showcasing special letters, cards, etc. Thanks for letting me show off your idea, Mar! <3

5. Sometimes, weird and unplanned food combinations actually taste delicious.

1/2 of a leftover baked potato, turkey, cheddar, salsa, avocado, ground pepper = lunchtime randomness

6. While doing an eBay search, I came across this advertisement:

Umm? $430 for a Lululemon sweater? HAH! Pretty sure this auction ended un-purchased!

7. I baked with polenta for the first time this week.

Polenta (maize) is a yellow or white cornmeal. Think grits or cornbread. I used Kristy’s recipe over at Southern in Law for these chocolate chip cornbread muffins. Super quick & simple. It’s definitely a very different texture than I am used to…I’m more of a flour/oats baker, but I’ll definitely use polenta again. I thought they were great, and it’s fun to mix things up!

8. ...”drinking coffee not only is not harmful but it actually may be protective, like an aspirin, and it is dose-dependant, which means the more coffee you drink the lower your chances of dying.” – Source. That settles it; I’m choosing to believe this one. Bottom’s up!

And that’s the extent of my random thoughts for today, friends!

What’s the weirdest combination of food items you’ve ever made that actually tastes delicious?
Do you ever bake with polenta?
Would YOU prancercise? In those pants? 😉

3 Thoughts on “A Few Thoughts (11/06/13)

  1. Oooh, your chocolate chip polenta muffins look delish! If you're a banana bread fan – try the polenta banana muffins, you can hardly tell there's polenta in them at all and they always disappear in our house ;P

    Your baked potato concoction actually sounds really really good – Jesse thinks I'm a weirdo for eating sweet potatoes with cheese or cottage cheese and nut butter – but I prefer to say it's delicious 😉

  2. I think doing ANYTHING in those pants would induce elation!

  3. yum your baked potato combo looks so delicious! I'm totally believing that coffee statement, too 😉

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