A Few Thoughts 28.06.13

On my mind…

1. My heart was in Canada this past week (even more than usual). For those of you who have been following world news, you’ll know that Calgary, Alberta (my old stomping grounds) and surrounding area was hit hard by insane flooding a week ago. 100,000 people were evacuated from their homes and many people lost everything. It’s awful to see the unbelievable photos of neighbourhoods, landmarks, and roads completely covered in water, not to mention the aftermath. There has been outstanding community outreach and support, and I am so proud of my friends and past colleagues who have already volunteered so much of their time to help out with the clean up. There have been some remarkable stories, and it’s truly inspiring to watch from afar. #CalgaryStrong! Love you all!

This photo of a woman being carried through a flood zone may be my favourite to surface thus far. Sources report that she had told the firefighter, “I haven’t been carried like this since my wedding day.” True or not, it’s a beautiful photo that shines a little brightness into an otherwise dark and devastating week.


2. I wake up almost every night in a panic, thinking that I forgot to put Bubs back to bed after feeding him. In a half-sleep, I frantically search around under the covers until I ‘come to’ and realize he’s sound asleep, safely in his bassinet beside me. I wonder if this one is in the What Your Dreams Mean book?! It reminds me of my first job in high school as a grocery store front end cashier. I would wake up from sleep and literally be sitting up, ringing in imaginary groceries. Seriously, where’s Freud when I need him?

3. After passing it by many times, I finally bought a jar of tahini this week. For those of you who’ve never used it before, tahini is a somewhat liquidy paste made from hulled sesame seeds. It’s full of healthy fats, fiber, and calcium, and lower in sugar than peanut butter. I made some delicious salad dressing with it, but people use it in plenty of other ways like dips, baking, or as a straight up spread. I have a salad dressing post planned for next week, so stay tuned!

4. I agreed to join my friend Karen for a fitness class at 7am tomorrow morning. Yes, that’s 7am on  Saturday and yes, I’m pretty sure I’m crazy. We got free passes to Afterburn, a class that involves kettlebells, sandbags, ropes, TRX, sliders, and body weighted exercises in order to create the Afterburn Effect: burning calories after exercise due to working out at a high intensity. Sometimes I wonder what I am thinking when I sign up to be a guinea pig for stuff like this- yikes. Wish me luck!


5. Has anyone seen or tried this chocolate? I haven’t quite formed a final opinion yet, but I think it’s a win. The sea salt makes for an interesting twist. Definitely not Lindt’s best, but I’d certainly buy it again. 

6. This “you had one job” picture made me laugh…


7. Came across an old favourite while digging through the photo archives. If you don’t know who these people are then 1) you are not Canadian, or 2) you didn’t watch television commercials in the 90s. Hal & Joanne, baby! We actually have this photograph autographed by the Participaction man himself. Apparently they are now contestants on the Amazing Race??! #keepfitandhavefun 

8. Google Reader will be no more come Monday for those of you who follow Femme Fitale that way! I use Bloglovin’ to subscribe to all of my favourite blogs. It sends you a daily message to your inbox with any updated blog posts of those that you follow (all in one email). There is also an iPhone app! I like the organization of it: just having one email each day, rather than clicking through bookmarks or receiving a bunch of emailed posts from various bloggers. Apparently Feedly is a good one as well, but I can’t speak for it. As always, you can follow via Facebook or Twitter too (link is in the bubbles on my left side bar), or subscribe via email as well. 

9. Happy Weekend! Anything fun planned? I am officially entering the last year of my 20s on Sunday and not quite sure what to think about it 😉


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