A Workout + Smoothie Kind Of Day

Omigoodgod. Bootcamp was so hard today. As I was mid-squat jump this morning, I decided to scrap my original Workout Wednesday plan and make a new one that reflected a portion of our group workout. But first…smoothie time!

It was a tasty one today, folks! Last week, I got crazy and purchased frozen mango instead of my go-to strawberries or raspberries. Well…let me tell you. Best decision ever! I’ve made this smoothie twice so far this week, and I don’t think it will get old for a very long time.

It makes a giant portion and is deeeelicious. Highly recommended! I use an organic brown rice protein in all of my smoothies lately, which I purchase at a natural health food store near my house (if you’re wondering). Feel free to use your own milk of choice.
Okay, now onto some exercise. As I said earlier, we had to work through a really tough one this morning! One of our trainers is leaving the company this Friday (moving to a new city), so apparently she doesn’t want to go unremembered! I’m pretty sure I am going to wake up tomorrow feeling every muscle in my body- in a good way, of course! I altered the workout, as I know not everyone would have access to the same equipment and outdoor running circuit that we have at bootcamp. Here she is!
A few notes on each exercise:
Squat Jumps– 80 is a lot! I was dying. I had to take a few seconds between every 20-30 of them. Also, you may need to take it to a half squat (1/2 way down) and jump instead of the full range.
Overhead Push Press– Choose a heavy weight! For example, I had to break between every 10 reps because it was so tough. As you get tired, don’t forget to use your legs to jump into it (see picture descriptor below, as I haven’t used this one in any other workouts I don’t believe…)
Step Up Knee Repeater– Keep one foot planted on a bench (approximately knee height) and step up and back down with opposite foot. Repeat 20 times, then switch feet.
Tricep Dips– Use same bench. Make sure to use full range!
Pushups– Try to bring chest as close to floor as possible.
Burpees– Make sure to keep core stable and strong in plank position.
Sprint– Run as hard as you can for 1 minute, whether this is on a treadmill, around the block, etc.
Hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday! We are a household of thoroughly exhausted individuals. The little guy has been on a growing/feeding frenzy (i.e.: up every 2-3 hours all night long and fussy all day long), and Adam has been working like a mad man. Looking forward to an early sleep tonight, that’s for certain! ‘Til tomorrow :)
Overhead Push Press (Example)

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