An Orange A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Apparently every sneeze burns a whooping 1 to 2 calories. That being said, sneezing has been my only form of exercise on this lovely Wedensday.

Cold and flu season is out in full force here in Australia. Between Thomas and I, I’m unsure who was first to catch this head cold, but it’s not pretty! Want to know what else isn’t pretty? Trying to clear the nose of a baby who is unable to blow it for himself. I will spare you the details!
I purchased this humidifier after several recommendations from other mothers. We used it last night, paired with a little eucalyptus diffused through the air. I am hopeful that we are all on the mend!

I try not to take medication for sicknesses unless it’s really required. This time around, I’ve just been doing the salt water gargle, drinking hot tea and extra fluids, laying low, and eating some extra vitamin C. Conveniently enough, Citrus Australia sent me a carton of oranges yesterday as part of their #GoOrange 10 Day Challenge in June. These puppies couldn’t have come at a better time!
Lately, the big trend in the foodie world is “super foods”. While I love my chia seeds, quinoa, acai, goji berries, and cacao, oranges are totally the original superfood! The smell of them brings me back to my elementary school lunch room, when we all came equipped with a sandwich, granola bar, apple, and orange each day. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t buy oranges as often as I should. Mostly because I’m lazy and will probably go down in history as the worst orange peeler in town. However, every time that I eat a perfectly ripened, seedless orange, I remember why I love them so much.
Oranges are packed with 64g of vitamin c, not to mention high in antioxidants, folate, potassium, and even fiber. They’re one of the best things you can eat when you’re sick with a cold. 
I’m taking part in the 10 oranges in 10 days challenge, sponsored by Citrus Australia. There are so many things you can do with this fruit, although today I worked on my peeling skills and enjoyed the simplicity of one big, seedless orange. Delish! 
Perfection on a plate! I’ll be experimenting in the kitchen with oranges over the next week and be sure to share what I’ve come up with in a future #GoOrange post. 
It’s been quite the day, and to be honest I think I should probably be sleeping instead of blogging. However, I needed a little Kelly-Time, and this has been my activity of choice. I’m off to bask in humidifier glory. I’ll be back tomorrow in a hopefully healthier state! 

6 Thoughts on “An Orange A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

  1. Oranges are so delicious, I hope you feel better soon!

    (I found your blog through Running with spoons, I'm just embarking on my new healthy and happy lifestyle so I've given your blog a follow).


  2. hope you are both feeling better! fingers crossed the humidifier helps :) I love oranges, and I think they taste 10x better in Australia than where I'm originally from. I eat one almost every day!

  3. Thank you and thanks for reading!!! :)

  4. I'm much better today. Thanks, Ashley!

  5. The humidifier has helped so much!!! I agree about the oranges. I tend to find that all produce here is better!

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