Foto Recap (17/06/13)

We finally got away for a mini-vacay over the weekend! It’s been four months since we’ve become a family of three, so we figured we’d take the travelling with infant plunge (otherwise, we will never see any of this country!). Although vacations aren’t as easy and relaxing as they used to be, we still had a great time in Port Douglas, Queensland. 


Hope you all had lovely weekends as well! 

6 Thoughts on “Foto Recap (17/06/13)

  1. How cute is that photo of Thomas in the pool! (okay well all of the pictures – you have yourself one cute baby!)

    What a beautiful place to spend some time away!

  2. I love Port Douglas! Looks like you had a great time. Did you have any problems with bubs on the plane, or did he handle it like a pro?

  3. His first swim!! Hehe. Post Douglas is such a perfect place :)

  4. He definitely handles take off and landing better than I do! haha

  5. Looks like a wonderful long weekend you had! I neeeed to get to Port Douglas for sure. Thomas is adorable, and you're looking beautiful as always!

  6. You definitely need to get up there! Especially since you can get out to the reef to do some snorkelling and stuff!
    I thought of you as we flew over Townsville on Sunday!! :)

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