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Well, hello there Wednesday!

Let’s talk running/jogging today, shall we? For those of you who’ve kept up with my blog over the past year, you’ll know that running was not a great workout choice for me during my pregnancy. I definitely gave it a try, but something about it just didn’t feel right for my body. I stuck with other forms of light cardio including the elliptical, swimming, spinning (until 28 weeks or so), and walking (both outside and on the treadmill). After not running for so long, it’s been a bit of an adjustment trying to get back into the swing of things. I think there are certain elements of fitness that are more challenging than others, and these differ from person to person. For me, one of those things is long distance running. I’ve always struggled with it, both mentally and physically. My favourite event in track & field was the 200m run. Soccer required short bursts of speed, light jogging, and a few minutes of standing here and there to recompose. I’d rather do interval sprints than a steady 10k run. 


The thing is, I really want to be a good long distance runner. I want to love it. I seriously admire the dedication and physical/mental stamina of marathoners and those who make running a part of their everyday lives. At this point, running a marathon is not on my life long bucket list. I honestly can’t see myself enjoying the relentless, required training. Half marathon? Yeah, now we’re talking.
At this point, my life doesn’t lend well to training for a half marathon. At least, I don’t think it does. Not to the extent that I’d want to prepare myself. For now, my main goal is to simply make running a consistent part of my fitness regime. I have plans to run a fun 5-miler (8k) race with two of my best girlfriends, Jocelyn and Robyn, when I’m visiting Canada this summer. I can’t wait! We aren’t going out there to run our best time or anything. Actually, I think we might even be more excited to sit on a patio afterwards and catch up on a year’s worth of life! 


Regardless, I need to start running a couple times a week if I want to enjoy it at all. I dislike running when it becomes too difficult (don’t we all?). My neighbourhood in Brisbane isn’t ideal for running (many steep hills and hidden driveways), and it’s not always easy to get to the river for a long run either. My plan is to do at least one steady state, outdoor run a week, as well as at least one treadmill run a week (for the next 5 weeks), and hope that will help to increase my endurance from “god, I hate running!” to “hey, this isn’t so bad!”
Here’s my treadmill workout for increasing my running stamina in the short term. Simple and not too intense. Just enough to get a feel for running a decent distance again. I left this plan “level/speed-less”, as I don’t want to focus heavily on pace, which varies from person to person.

Today was a bootcamp morning, so I’ll be heading to the gym at some point tomorrow to try out this treadmill run! I am looking forward to breaking in my recently purchased iPod shuffle, as I’m tired of doing cardio with my iPhone. It’s too cumbersome. Plus, I just want to clip on some music with zero distractions! 

I still haven’t bitten the bullet on the purchase of new running shoes. Still thinking the Nike Free 5.0s…
Is running a marathon/half-marathon on YOUR bucket list? 
What is one element of fitness that really challenges YOU?

3 Thoughts on “Hit The Ground Running

  1. Hey Kelly!
    Hilary and I are running the MBTS 5-miler as well – hope we get to see you. PS. Thomas is too cute! Hopefully he'll be there to cheer mommy on :)

  2. I can't run – and that's not because I'm lazy, but because my body physically cannot run. I can sprint – but when it comes to jogging or running distances, it's way too hard on my knees and it's not healthy – so I walk.

    Whilst I'd love to do a marathon (mainly for the medal – haha) I would only ever do one if I was walking it – but hey, I walk like a speed demon 😉

  3. I think long-distance running is so hard for many people, all for different reasons. For me, it's mentally challenging. The longest I've done is a half marathon and I think that's the max I would do again. I always thought I'd want to do a full, but I think I'd get to the point where I just wouldn't like running!

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