Rest, Recovery, and Chai Tea Lattes

On a cool and cloudy day, don’t you just love snuggling inside with a hot cup of ________ (insert favourite hot beverage)? That’s basically the scene at our house today. Thomas and I are still on the mend, but feeling SO much better.
I am grateful that I took the week off exercise. I have seen the question pop up on a few blogs and social media outlets lately, “Do you work out when you are sick?” My answer: Nope!! Back in the day when I played competitive sports, it was a different story. I remember once playing soccer in -5ºC, light snow flurries, with strept throat (not wise). Fast forward several years…working out when I’m sick doesn’t really make much sense anymore. The gym will still be there, waiting for me when I’m better. Rest really does make a world of difference!
This article in Huffington Post delves into further detail about working out while you’re sick. In my unprofessional opinion, it seems that exercise helps to prevent sickness, but doesn’t function as a cure once you ARE sick. Realistically, there are many opinions, so I think you really just need to do what works for youand never feel bad or guilty for taking time off to rest and recover! 
I decided to stray from my green tea and honey this morning and made my own version of a chai tea latte. Yum! I’m not a huge fan of the syrup/powder mixtures at most coffee shops, but really enjoyed this simple blend.

Splurge on a good quality chai tea. It will make a huge difference. I bought mine at a specialty health food store.

Steep tea bag for 5 minutes (or longer if you like it more spicy)

You can use any kind of milk, but I find that 2% milk froths/tastes best :)

Don’t have a frother or machine with a swand? Try THIS method. This blogger uses a microwave for heating her milk, but I think that if I didn’t have a steamer I’d instead heat it with the brown sugar on a stove top, but do a similar “shake” procedure.
I also took some time to whip up a chocolate chip banana loaf for my friend Louise who just had a baby girl! Thomas and I ventured out this afternoon to drop off a gift (THIS Aden & Anais blanket) and say hello, so I figured she and could also use some baked deliciousness. As I know all too well, baking and cooking isn’t so easy with a newborn!

How much do you love a house that smells like baked muffins or cookies? It has to be one of my favourites! 
I’m off to get dinner started: bocconcini salad and veggie burgers! I’m expecting to attend my boot camp in the morning, so need to make sure to stay well fuelled and that we get a good night’s sleep. (PS- Smile! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!) 
Do you work out when you’re sick? 
Are there any specialty hot beverages that you make at home?

2 Thoughts on “Rest, Recovery, and Chai Tea Lattes

  1. I'm with you – when I'm really sick, I'm staying in bed! When I'm just a bit sniffly though, I find walking in the fresh air clears my head and wakes me up!

    I always tell Jesse, whenever we have friends over I like to have freshly baked somethings on the kitchen bench because to me, that's a homey feeling. To Jesse who never had anyone who cooked, he doesn't get it – but likes how it tastes ;P

    I'm a tea girl and I have a ridiculous tea collection and drink about 6 cups a day – but I'm a black tea girl as I like my tea strong! And if its not black it's herbal – peppermint tea is my cafe beverage of choice as its always a winner

  2. I like peppermint when I have a head cold!!

    I also completely agree with baking providing that warm “homey” feeling. Makes me smile just thinking about it :)

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