175 Candles

We’ve been busy celebrating a couple of birthdays around here.

My 29th Birthday Cupcake of Chocolatey Deliciousness

I turned the big 2-9 on Sunday. My 365 day countdown to thirty has officially commenced! The weather was pretty miserable over the weekend here in Brisbane, but we had some quality family time nonetheless. 

A birthday breakfast.

A birthday dinner.

Only got an appetizer pic- Turkish Bread & Trio of Dips

An ‘OMG’ birthday present that I’d NEVER buy for myself.

My birthday boys.

And a birthday rainbow during a timeout from the rain.

No party dresses or cocktails this year. Totally fine. I DID get to sleep in though, which is a gift in itself these days. It’s interesting to reach an age when celebrating yourself isn’t quite as thrilling as it once was. I’d much rather celebrate the birthdays of other people! Or things…

Like Canada’s 146th birthday! I must say, he’s looking pretty good for his age :)

Oh, how I miss my home and native land, especially right now when it’s mid-winter in Australia. I miss a lot of things about Canada.

I miss skiing and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. 


I miss the autumn leaves on the East Coast. 


I miss Atlantic Lobster and PEI Mussels.



I miss Tim Hortons’ multigrain bagels.


I miss the Calgary Stampede.


I miss how crazy Canadians get during hockey season.


I miss mint chocolate Girl Guide cookies.


I miss toonies.


I miss toques. 


I miss big, wild blueberries.


I miss my once a year poutine. Okay, maybe twice.


I miss Justin Bieber.

Umm..just kidding.

I miss saying ‘eh?’ or ‘hey?’ at the end of my sentences, and people understanding. 

But most of all, I miss the amazing people. Canadians.are.awesome.

Happy Birthday, Canada! We love you and are counting down the days until we see you again. Twenty-four, to be exact!

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