A Few Thoughts (22.07.13)

Wow! Hi friends. Last week was incredibly busy and long, hence my blogging hiatus. Adam was out of the country for work, so Bubs and I had the place to ourselves for 8 days. As you know, we are 15,000 km away from our families, so I don’t really have many people to help out with the little guy. This also meant that having free time to write didn’t quite happen as I’d hoped. Being on baby duty 24/7 (literally) has its challenges, and I was very grateful to see the Mr. walk through the door on Saturday! I definitely have an even greater respect for women who are single mothers, have little help, military wives, etc. You ladies are incredible!

So now that we have my absenteeism cleared up, let’s move on to my mixed bag of thoughts, shall we?

1. OMG! The week is here.

I was so excited to look at the calendar and visually see how close it is to our departure date for Canada. I am beyond ready for a visit with our families and friends. It’ll be the first time everyone (besides my Mum) has met Thomas, and a year since seeing some of the most important people in our lives. That being said, I have so much to do in the next couple of days. Let the packing madness begin!


2. To make everything THAT much more hectic and crazy, we’ve decided to move into a new residence once our lease expires at our current house in September. We found a place much more suited for a soon-to-be mobile infant and our life in general. We move in 6 days after returning from our holiday. Although it’s going to be very busy, it’s nice to have something to look forward to when our Canada trip is over.

3. I wanted to say thank you for the awesome feedback about my last body image post. I had emails from close friends and other women who I’ve never met before, all commenting on how they agree with my feelings on the issue of self-mockery and being a good role model for others. I know I haven’t been able to reply to everyone, as things have been so busy, but thank you so much for your positive comments and feedback. It’s clear that this is an issue which deserves much more focus and attention in our society.

4. Bubs is the best shopping friend these days! He went through a phase where he’d just cry and fuss the entire time we were out, but lately he’s been totally game for any kind of errand that I need to do. This comes at a good time, when I have a lengthy to-do list.

4. If you wish you liked cottage cheese in things other than lasagnas or bakes that completely mask the natural taste of it, try my current favourite obsession snack. 

Cottage cheese mixed with honey, cinnamon, raw almonds and sliced berries. Such a great mid-afternoon snack. I seriously can’t get enough!

5. I had an awesome fitness moment last week.

Sometimes when you get into a workout groove, you start to lose a sense of the results or progress you’re making. I did a Body Pump class last Tuesday for the first time since I’d started my Baby Boot Camp. Not even thinking about the work I’ve been doing over the past three months, I loaded up the same weight as I’d been using in my previous Body Pump classes. I had to stop and add a lot more weight on many of the songs; I am so much stronger than I was three months ago! I actually haven’t noticed any incredible physical changes just by looking at myself in a mirror, so it was eye opening and very encouraging to realize that my hard work at boot camp has paid off. Yay, muscles!

6. We went out for dinner on Saturday night and I enjoyed one of my favourite salads:

Grilled Chicken, Avocado, Sweet Potato, Tomato, Feta, Cucumber, Green Beans, Greens, Citrus Dressing

Usually when we go out, I try to order something that I wouldn’t ordinarily make at home. However, this salad gets me every time! Adam did a number on his meal as well.

Okay, seriously. Who leaves just ONE french fry? I definitely ate it after taking that photo. 

7. Yoga was amazing tonight, despite the fact that my mat was directly in front of the heater! There are three simple poses that I always hope a yoga instructor will incorporate into the practice, otherwise I go home feeling like something was missing. Luckily he came through for me tonight! Three of my all time faves:

Ragdoll Pose

Triangle Pose

Pigeon Pose

8. Last week I went to an electronics store to buy a North American wall convertor for our upcoming trip, and of course couldn’t help but dig through the discount DVD bin on my way to the register. I picked up Season 1 & 2 of Downtown Abbey and Season 1 of Girls as they were much cheaper than on iTunes. I haven’t been watching any tv shows in quite awhile and have heard good things about both. I’m hopeful they are good choices!

9. I’ve been having fun this week and last puréeing up some vegetables for Thomas! On the menu for these few days is butternut squash! I make a bunch and freeze them in advance so that I always have his food on hand. So far, he LOVES squash and sweet potato, and hates avocado. 

Speaking of squash…Aussies call it pumpkin. If that is the case, what do you guys call ‘pumpkin’? Please enlighten me!

10. Last, but certainly not least, this weekend was EXTRA special for one reason. You may have heard me mention one of my girlfriends, Martha, before. She and I met while playing soccer at university, were roommates for four years, and became the very best of friends. Martha is basically the closest thing that I’ve ever had to a sister, and she truly means the world to me. 

Wellllll, over the weekend she got engaged! Now, what makes this engagement even more spectacular is the fact that she is marrying my brother-in-law, Andrew. Which in turn means that we will soon be sisters, for real. Eeeeek! Life certainly has a funny way of working itself out, doesn’t it? Congrats, Mar & Andy! I love you both and am beyond ecstatic for you. 

And with that, I’m off to get ready for bed/repeatedly check Twitter for the Royal Baby news we’ve all been anxiously awaiting (or at least the Royal Family fanatics like myself). 

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