I Love Burpees! -Said No One Ever

Well, hello there! For my Canadian and American friends, I hope your shortened holiday week is going wonderfully! For the rest of us: we made it to Wednesday. Woo!

I know some of you probably think, “What is SHE talking about? She’s not working!” Let me tell you, it is very true when they say that being a mother to an infant is like having a full time job. Adding in the fact that you don’t get to leave the office when the sun goes down. So even though I’m at home with the Bubs these days, it doesn’t mean that I don’t look forward to my weekends. Weekends = Dad Time. 

Weekends also mean that I can take some time for myself. You know, to enjoy the finer things in life. Like taking a shower! It is interesting to think that the things I once took for granted have now become highly anticipated and planned out events. Speaking of showers, I’ve been enjoying them so much more with this new-to-me product:

Sometimes I find that exfoliators are too harsh and almost burn my skin, but the Rub Rub Rub by Lush is amazing! I’m a huge fan. I also think it’s hilarious how they add a sticker to indicate who handmade the product. Thanks, Neil! Whoever you are.

Today was a pretty relaxed Wednesday. 

Lots of snacking…

I may or may not sprinkle cinnamon on everything.

And playing…

Remember this old classic?

And trying to remember to drink more water…

Drinking out of a big water bottle actually helps me.

I also had bootcamp this morning! I was still sore from Monday’s workout, but regardless…it was a killer! We had to do lots of burpees today, too. 


Seriously, have you ever met someone who actually enjoys doing burpees? It truly is one of the most dreaded exercises out there. That’s because it is H.A.R.D!!! Especially when done correctly. Also, I’m not going to lie- I usually try to get away without doing #3, which makes this exercise that much more challenging. However I must admit, they are extremely effective and totally worth the effort.


I think one of the most important things to remember when doing burpees is to keep an eye on core stability during #2. Oftentimes, people will let their bum sag downwards, in turn putting a lot of unnecessary strain on the lower back (a definite recipe for injury). Focus on keeping a tight and steady core; I find it helps by squeezing your glutes!

Rather than give you a full one today, I’ve decided to make a quick and dirty 5 minute workout that you could throw into your pocket of tricks. And yes…it involves a burpee. Kind of. 

So…what exactly is a push press burpee? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to incorporate a burpee push up (although, feel free to include it for extra intensity). Grab some dumbbells! I didn’t have a heavy enough set at my house for the example shown below. 

Make sure to go FULL OUT! It’s only 5 minutes of work. I really like this modified burpee; it just adds an extra kick to make the exercise that much more brutal effective! 

That’s all for today. Happy sweating!

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