Ridicu-Pics #1

I know I know I know. I’ve been slightly absent around here. To be honest, life hasn’t been terribly exciting over the past few days and I was pretty sure you didn’t want to hear about diaper changes or see pictures of my bowl of oatmeal for the hundredth time.

We enjoyed a little hike over the weekend at Mount Tambourine, which is south of Brisbane (inland from the Gold Coast). The little guy finally loves his Baby Bjorn. No more crying makes for a much happier time- for ALL of us!

Today I strapped him into the carrier again for our grocery store run, as I needed to get a big order (i.e.: needed a cart). A bit easier than my usual method:

I was going to do a What’s In My Cart? post after my shopping adventures (it’s been awhile), but have decided to save it for later this week. Instead, I want to share some amusing grocery store photos that I’ve managed to snap with my iPhone while perusing the aisles. You know those moments when you see something hilarious and just wish that a friend was there to laugh alongside you? Bubs just can’t quite share in the humour, so instead I’ve conjured up a few images from the past couple of shopping excursions that I feel the need to share for one reason or another. 

Here you have the first of Femme Fitale’s newest series: Ridicu-Pics.

Now, these are not just any bananas. Specifically, Kids Bananas! Because we are obviously incapable of picking out smaller ones from the 500 already on the shelf. I spy a marketing ploy.


If it makes you feel better the morning after one too many adult beverages…

Although this may seem normal to my Aussie pals, I definitely find this amusing. I wonder what Macy would think of these!

I have never seen these before! Has anyone eaten custard apples, and if so…what do you think? 

This is why I do not buy blueberries in Australia. 

Because apparently men need different sized tissues?

You know…just in case you want to spritz yourself with Bieber perfume whist enjoying your morning oats.

This just doesn’t seem right to me. 

Ohhhh, thanks! I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with this exotic fruit!

There are definitely more where these came from. I think I will save them for a future Ridicu-Pics post. 

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a grocery store lately?

Ohhh, and please please please email any Ridicu-Pic-worthy photos to me (thefemmefitale@gmail.com) that you come across for a future segment!!! Anything food, fitness, beauty, fashion, or health related!

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