What’s In My Cart? (07/13)

It’s that time again for another rendition of What’s In My Cart? Here’s a glimpse into my grocery cart this week. Like always, I’ve just pulled a few items (things I haven’t necessarily included in a WIMC? post before). For example, although our crisper drawer and fruit bowl are full of produce, I haven’t included any fresh fruit and veggie pics. I know you’re just dying to see a beautiful carrot or cucumber, but I guess you’ll just have to use your imagine. 

Water Chestnuts: I add these to curries and stir-fries! I can’t get enough of the crunchy texture.

There I go, cheating on my peanut butter again. 

Well, apparently I had almonds on the brain! Lately I’ve been eating them every day, straight up, with fruit and cottage cheese, or tossed into my morning oatmeal. 

I like this Aussie brand. Celebrate Health sent me a huge sampler pack several months ago and I enjoy some of their spicy quinoa, lentils, and healthy sauces (obviously, as I keep buying them). They’re a great alternative for those nights when you need a quick and simple side dish in carb form. It’s one of the only brands of packaged grains and legumes that I buy, as the ingredient list is pretty flawless. 

Although it’s totally unnecessary to spend an extra dollar or two on oats in a box, I’m getting tired of them spilling out all over the cupboard and floor (from the giant bag I usually purchase). This seems like it’ll be much tidier. #lazy

I think this may be my favourite cereal, besides my beloved Kashi which apparently does not exist on this continent (if it does, can someone please inform me!!?).

My friend Kate recommended a lemon poppy seed dressing for my kale salads- delish! I never seem to have poppy seeds on hand whenever recipes call for them (particularly baked goods), so this gave me a good excuse to pick some up!

I added two newbies to my spice collection that I’ve never cooked with before: Garam Masala and Tumeric. They are very complementary and excellent in curry inspired dishes. I’m looking forward to experimenting more with them!

I finally found some tempeh! 

Everyday I’m cottagin’. 

I wish you could see the size of this in real life…

Treat of the week. Lemon frozen yogurt- insanely delicious. 

Blueberries are fantastic in smoothies. Now that I think of it, they’d be pretty spectacular thawed overtop of that lemon frozen yogurt, too! 

Somebody had his first taste of rice cereaaaal! 

I think it was a hit!

What are your shopping cart (trolley) staples?

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