Life Lately: Vacation Edition #1

Hi, friends. Just popping in to say hello and let you know I’m still kickin’! I have been having a fantastic time back in Canada so far, and simply have not had much time to sit down and write any posts. Here’s a quick glimpse at what I’ve been up to.



More beach.



More food.


With all of my bro-in-laws and their loves.

Exploring new sights and sounds.


Being ridiculous with my bestie.

Farm life fitness = runs along the country roads.

3rd Anniversary night.

Morning strolls in Halifax.

Best friend wedding/university roomie reunion!

There have been more memorable moments, but there’s a basic summary for you. It’s been a terrific couple of weeks so far, and I just wish time would slow down; I’m trying to savour every moment! I’m leaving Prince Edward Island on the weekend, en route for New Brunswick for just under three weeks to stay with my parents. I’ll definitely have more time to sit down and tend to the blog. Thanks for checking in and I’ll be in touch! Xxo

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