Staying Active on the Beach

Although it’s winter back in Australia, it’s still beach season here on the East Coast of Canada. While on Prince Edward Island, we had some great days soaking up the sun (with sunscreen and a hat, of course)!

I don’t know about you, but something about the beach sets off an automatic LAZY switch in my brain. My energy level plummets, my eyes close, my legs feel heavy, and I coincidently get hungry for potato chips.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a relaxing beach day, going back and forth between some easy reading material and a glazed over stare towards the ocean. Honestly, this is how I spend most days at the beach. Yet sometimes this actually leaves me feeling more exhausted than when I arrived. Too much of a good thing, I suppose! I feel much more energetic when I take a moment to incorporate some kind of activity. Although there are plenty of ways to stay active on the beach, here are eight things that I enjoy doing to break up my beach towel napping marathons.

1. Go for a walk. Whether it’s by yourself or with a friend, it’s a great way to get moving and check out the other beach go-ers.

2. Toss the frisbee or a football. This never gets old and is one of my favourite beach activities, even if I DO throw a frisbee like a 12 year old. Apparently some busy beaches in the states have actually banned both activities for the safety of other beach-goers. Lame!

3. Play bocce ball. I played for the first time last week; so much fun!

Blair, Hilary, Andy and Martha bocce ballin’ last week in PEI

4. Go snorkelling. This is a great activity for calm, clear water. I always enjoy slapping on a pair of flippers and checking out the sights.

5. Play volleyball. With or without a net, this is a great workout!

6. Go for run. Although this isn’t one I do often, I love going for long runs on the beach early or late in the day. Running on sand instead of pavement is easier on your joints, too.  [Tips for running in sand]

7. Play with kids; build something in the sand. Pretty sure this will be the story of my life for the next decade+.

Or if you are like my brother in law, Logan, you can just sit in your sandcastle with a cold one.

8. Use a boogie board, kayak, or stand up paddle board. These water activities obviously depend on the type of water (waves vs. calm). I’ve only tried paddle boarding once in Roatan, and it is definitely harder than it looks. It’s a great core workout! So is kayaking! And boogie boarding is always fun option for the non-surfers of the world (like yours truly).

Do you prefer lazy beach vacations or ones that incorporate lots of activity? 
What is your ideal beach activity?

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