What’s In My Cart? (08/13)

I never knew how much I missed some of my old, Canadian food favourites until I went grocery shopping here for the first time in a year. Adam headed back to Brisbane yesterday, while I made my way to visit with my parents in New Brunswick for the next few weeks. As soon as Thomas went to sleep for the night, my Mum and I ventured to the Superstore to pick up a few essentials. You know you’re getting old when you find joy in grocery shopping on a Saturday night. Anyway, here’s a peek at a fraction of the items that made their way into my cart.

Although I’ve found Lärabars in Australia, I have yet to see my two favourite flavours there [Cocoa Coconut Chew & Peanut Butter]. I love these for grab and go snacks!

My all-time fave store-bought salsa. It has a distinct cilantro kick and is delicious with tortilla chips.

Kashi, please come to the South Pacific!

Although I prefer steel cut oats via stovetop, these single packs are perfect for travelling.

Multigrain bagel thins help to subside my recent bagel cravings, without the bulk.


Some say that flaked white tuna isn’t as healthy for you, but I couldn’t care less. It’s so much tastier.

Granola treat. 

Okay, so I went a little overboard on the berries…

Me and my coffee obsession!

Love this dark chocolate almond milk in my coffee or even on its own after a workout!

I won’t lie- I’m not a huge fan of plain hummus. However, I really enjoy alternative versions like this one! It just adds a fantastic punch of flavour. It’s delicious with raw veggies!

You can find Babybel cheese in Oz, but it’s kind of expensive (so I rarely buy them). I’ll take advantage of the good value here while I can.

There’s no Chobani in sight here, but this President’s Choice brand is just as great! I had a coconut one last week which was amazing, and I’m also loving these two flavours as well.

I’ll spare you the rest of our grocery order (lots of produce, chicken, eggs, cheeses, etc). Needless to say, I had a fun filled adventure at the grocery store and am thoroughly enjoying having been reunited with my old foodie faves.

Do you have any go-to brands that you’d seriously miss if you moved away or couldn’t find them anymore?!

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