Breaking Up With A Bad Mood

From time to time, I think we all feel a little down in the dumps. It’s a difficult thing, as you don’t really have much to complain about in particular, but simply aren’t feeling overly thrilled about the day. I certainly have these moments every so often, particularly when I am not with my friends or family. Whether Adam’s away on business trips, I’ve not had much sleep due to Bubs’ teething or growth spurts, the letdown after a much anticipated event, or even having a bit of homesickness, I think that feeling a touch of the blues is probably a normal thing in most of our lives. (Just a side note: depression is a whole other matter, in which professional help is very much advised).

Whenever I’m feeling this way, like a few times last week when I was going on day 10 and 11 of Adam being away from home, the easiest thing for me to do is mope around and feel sorry for myself. However, there are many little things that take minimal effort and can help to alleviate a bad mood. Everyone has their own strategies, but here are nine simple things that tend to help lift my spirits, particularly when I’ve been house bound with an infant for far too long.

1. Get Moving

This one probably takes the most energy and self-talk, especially when motivation is at an all time low. Sometimes all I need is a quick, 20 minute jaunt around the neighbourhood with Thomas in his stroller to make things seem a whole lot brighter. Remember, exercise (even at a leisurely pace) equates to positive endorphins.


2. Buy Yourself Some Flowers

They don’t need to be expensive, either! I certainly wouldn’t go out and buy myself a dozen roses. Although I appreciate beautiful flower shop bouquets, there is nothing wrong with picking up a colourful number from the supermarket to put on your dining room table. It’s a quick way to brighten the room, and your mood, in seconds!


3. Get Your Nails Done

There is something about a fresh manicure and pedicure that make me feel much better about myself. Depending on your budget and time, it’s not always feasible to get them professionally done. Even taking a few moments to freshen up your polish at home makes a big difference, though. I’ll never forget the first time I met my friend Arinn. It was move-in day in our university dorm, and a few of us were in her room getting to know each other. She hauled out this massive bag of about 100 different OPI nail polishes, flashed a big smile, and said, “Now none of us will have an excuse to go around bare-nailed this year!!!” I don’t think I’ve gone without polish on my toes since.


4. Take A Nap

For me, this one is easier said than done. When Thomas was born, everyone just kept telling me, “Sleep when the baby is sleeping!” Hah! All I did was lay there and think of the million things I needed to do. Or I’d pass out unconscious for 2 hours and wake up a groggy mess. However, I must admit that when I just try to relax and let the thoughts kind of flow in and out (yeeeaaah, yoga meditation!) for about 30 minutes, I always feel better. Oh, and an added bonus is a nicely made bed afterwards! It’s so much more visually pleasing than a mangled mess of blankets and pillows.

If I owned this Restoration Hardware bed, I swear I'd sleep better!

If I owned this Restoration Hardware bed, I swear I’d sleep better!

5. Eat Your Favourite Treat

I’m sorry to all the health nuts out there, but there are very few bad moods that can’t be eased by chocolate. Right?!! I mean, we don’t need to go all crazy and eat our daily caloric intake in sweet stuff, but whoever said that food does not make you feel better was a liar.


6. Bake Something

Not cook. Bake. There really is something therapeutic about the whole process. It’s always nice having something homemade on the counter, plus it makes your house smell fabulous!


7. Burn A Candle

Speaking of your house smelling good! I used to love the 3-wick Bath & Body Works variety, but since we don’t have BBW in Australia, I decided to just splurge on an Ecoya candle. The Coconut & Elderflower scent is amazing and and makes our house smell like a Caribbean spa. It’s totally worth it to buy a better quality candle, as it’s more efficient and effective. A lovely smelling home always puts me in a good mood.


8. Easy Reading– but not just any reading.

Read something uplifting. Something that makes you think positively. For example, Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project is a fun, lighthearted book about her 1-year journey to finding and creating more happiness in her life. I like to pick it up from time to time, just to re-read a chapter, and always put it down with a fresh perspective on my own life.


9. Plan Your Next Adventure

You know that feeling you get after a long-awaited event is over? You wait and wait with excitement for days/weeks/months, and then it’s over in the blink of an eye. The worst! My friends and I like to call this “Post Party Depression”. I love having things to look forward to, specifically travel plans. Whether it is a day trip, a weekend getaway, or a longer vacation, it’s so nice to have solidified plans to look forward to.


Now tell me…

What do YOU do to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling down and out?



15 Thoughts on “Breaking Up With A Bad Mood

  1. I did just about ALL these things yesterday alone….lol. Great post here with some awesome ideas and strategies if you ever find yourself down in the dumps or in a generally bad mood. For me, this is the perfect time of year for, especially, baking and burning candles. The scent that radiates through our home, especially when I’m baking something like pumpkin muffins (like I did yesterday) is simply unbeatable….it’s hard to stay down when you are continually bombarding your senses with stimulating scents. I love your blog here, by the way, Kelly! I am glad I found you! :) So far, today, I’ve read 3 blogs produced by my neighbors to the North (I live in Pennsylvania), and, I must say, I’m VERY tempted to visit one of these days!

    • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on October 4, 2013 at 9:48 am said:

      So glad you found/like the blog!! Yes, just doing a few simple things really helps to get rid of a bad mood.
      Oh, you definitely need to visit Canada! It’s a huge country with so much to offer :)

  2. I don’t take enough time for myself to do these things. They all look so marvelous! I’ve really been thinking about buying myself flowers, although I couldn’t tell you why I haven’t yet! I must say, my favorite is definitely number nine. :) Thanks so much for this post. Sometimes we all need a reminder!

    • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on October 4, 2013 at 9:49 am said:

      Number 9 is my favourite, too :)
      Now that I have an infant, I don’t have the time I used to for myself. However, these things are all so quick and easy, and really make a big difference!

  3. A perfect list. I’m going to bookmark this and check it out whenever I’m in a crappy mood!

  4. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for some time…I’m from Calgary! Anyway, I hear you with the nail-painting. I just did mine with Essie’s Wicked last night…got the last bottle of it at Superstore. :0) Something I also kind of enjoy doing is cleaning while listening to podcasts.(Once the bathroom is clean, I find all kinds of excuses to go in and just look at how clean it is, lol.) Reading in the bathtub while I have a face mask on is nice, too. Taking a little extra care with my hair or outfit before I go out usually makes me feel better from the outside-in, and that’s perfectly fine with me!

    And I love love love walking! I do other more strenuous excercise regularly, but walking is so restorative! Praying is easier when I walk, too.

  5. Hello Kelly! Ahhh I’m sure it’s really challenging to have a teething baby to take care of. My daughter is 3.5 months old but I’m sure she’ll start teething soon, haha. And this is an awesome list! Most of these things I love to do, particularly exercising and baking whether I’m in a good mood or not so good. Also, I love to take walks and pray when I feel that way…nature+time with God definitely get my spirits uplifted! Have a beautiful day and take care!

  6. You are so right-on with all of these tips! Getting a mani/pedi is one of my faves. Another thing I do is call a loved one. That always helps when I’m sad too. Oh, and ice-cream/fro-yo : -)

  7. Love the idea of buying yourself flowers! I need to do that more! I light candles when I’m studying (especially my favorite scent that I had burning once when I had a massage) and it helps me calm down just a little. I also remember all the things I love about my life and what makes me happy. Life’s too short to be chronically miserable!

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