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I love coffee dates. Cozying up in an eclectic coffee shop, the aroma of ground espresso beans wafting through the air. Or even in the comfort of my living room with one of my hot beverage concoctions. I decided to start this little series entitled “Over Coffee”, as one of my favourite ways to catch up with a friend is, in fact, over a glorious cup of java. This will be a replacement for my previous “A Few Thoughts” posts (like this, this, and this), which are basically a snapshot of my current happenings and thoughts.


1) Besides the upheaval of the blog, my past three weeks have been quite busy. As you know, I was back in Canada until September. Upon my return, we moved into a new home, and then Adam immediately went to Manila for work. He is finally back now, but honestly, two weeks as a ‘single mom’ was definitely one of the more challenging things I’ve experienced. All I can say is that I have the utmost respect for women who raise children completely on their own, whatever the circumstance. Wow!

photo-4 copy

2) Okay, so Instagram. I’ve had it on my iPhone for two years, but just used it sporadically as a photo editor. Anyway, I was persuaded to make myself visible (thanks, Kristen!) and I honestly can’t believe the fun I’ve been missing out on.

3) I’ve been trying to attend Body Attack once a week to get some practice in, as I am finally registered for a weekend course in October which will allow me to teach my favourite Les Mills class! I am very excited about this training. Since moving to Australia, I haven’t been able to teach any group fitness classes, so this will be a great way to kick things back into high gear!


4) Even though we have other fun adventures planned over the next few months, I am already counting down the days until Christmas. We’ll have four guests- Andrew and Logan (my brother in laws) and their significant others (Martha- my best friend of 12 years- and Candice). We already have a trip booked to Sydney just after New Years, among plenty of beaching and touring around. Any Aussie friends with Sydney suggestions (dining, sites, shopping), please keep me in the loop!

5) I’m in big time love with these baby Cole Haan loafers. Thomas received them in August from my friend, Alison! So glad they fit right now before the summer heat is here. I’ve been plugging his little feet in them every chance I get!


6) I’m still going strong with Baby Boot Camp. I just love the intensity of the workouts, and I always push myself so much harder than I would if I was alone. My fave exercise lately is partner boxing (with gloves and pads). Honestly, boxing might be the best arm workout I’ve ever done. It’s such a good way to mix up weight training, as it is a high intensity cardio exercise that still builds and tones muscles. My arms are so sore from yesterday’s workout! I’ll definitely have to put together and post a boxing workout soon.

7) Okay, so this is slightly embarrassing , but funny enough that I had to share.


We cleared out the refrigerator when we moved homes a few weeks ago, and as of last week, this was the scene inside my freezer! One tub of ice cream to drown my husband-less sorrows after Thomas finally went to sleep at night. After some grocery shopping and meal prepping, it’s beginning to look a bit better!

8) My Mom had a hip replacement a couple of weeks ago, which is a pretty intrusive surgery. I’m so glad it’s over for her and she’s on the road to recovery. I wish I could be there to help, or even just go over to keep her company. That’s one of the toughest things about living so far from home- not being able to be there for my family and friends. Anyway, I thought I’d send some flowers to her hospital room. I selected an arrangement of roses and lilies (as pictured on the right). What arrived is the photo on the left!!! Can you imagine!? My Mom got a lovely pink and green weed for the kitchen table, and I (after a few unhappy emails) got my money back!


9) Speaking of missing out in life events, Naomi, one of my closest friends/university roommates/teammates, got married last weekend to the love of her life, Mark! The wedding was just outside of Atlanta at a vineyard, and from what I have seen and heard, it was an incredible weekend. Here’s a shot of some of my beautiful friends, celebrating a very special day last weekend in Georgia. Congrats, N & M! I’m so glad everyone was able to be there for you.


Well, that’s a wrap! A fairly uneventful, happy-go-lucky week, if I do say so myself.

I’m just waiting for my banana chocolate chip loaf to finish baking and getting some dinner started: blue cheese stuffed chicken burgers and salad! Although I’ve been in Australia for a year now, it still seems funny preparing barbecue food when I look at the calendar. Happy October!



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  1. Alison on October 1, 2013 at 12:44 pm said:

    I can’t even handle the flower arrangement!!! That is great. I am glad they refunded you.

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