Fitness Themed Stocking Stuffers for Her

I definitely prefer giving gifts to family and friends over receiving them, but I won’t lie: I have always enjoyed opening my Christmas stocking. Adam and I still prepare them for each other. Actually, one year we opted for a “stocking only” Christmas. I love the simplicity of receiving practical, necessary items that I may not buy for myself on a regular basis, or at all. The thing is, as simple as filling a stocking may seem, we don’t want it to just be a bunch of random items. I selected ten things that as a fitness lover, would love to see in my stocking. I tried to keep things practical, useful, and fairly modest: everything that stocking stuffers should be!

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Stocking Stuffers Femme Fitale 2013

1. Say Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes: If I’ve been working out and can’t go home immediately afterwards to clean up, these are so convenient and handy. I’m not usually a gym-showerer, but hate the feeling of sweat sitting around on my face. Even though they aren’t expensive, these wipes aren’t something I would think to add to a shopping list, but am thankful when I have them in my gym bag! Using a baby bum wipe just isn’t as appealing :)

2. Lush Bubble Bar: When you work out, your muscles are often sore (in the good way). Or at least they should be! Nothing feels better than a hot bath to sooth any aches, and these bubble bars are a lovely additional indulgence.

3. S’Well Water Bottle: This is one of the listed items that I don’t actually own, but have had my eye on for awhile. They keep water cool for up to 24 hours, are toxin and BPA free, and don’t ‘sweat’ with condensation. Adam, if you’re reading this, I’ll take the 750mL in mint green, please!

4. Lorna Jane Sunrise Bra: In terms of price point, this is by far the most expensive item. However, it is on my wish list. It’s a medium support sports bra, so if you or your “fitness loving woman” need greater stabilization in that area, I would recommend something a little more supportive. Sports bras are something that I wear at some point almost every day, and really could use more of them. However, they’re also an item that I don’t think to purchase, or feel guilty splurging on. Having nice sports bras is an indulgence, but when you are very active, it’s also a necessity.

5. Adidas Speed Rope: Skipping is such an effective cardio exercise and can be a great way to incorporate fitness into at-home workouts. I own a leather rope, but chose this Adidas adjustable length version which is more versatile for various surfaces and respective heights.

6.The North Face Base Camp Roll Kit: As I said earlier, I am not a gym-showerer, but I know that many people are, particularly those who exercise before work or on lunch breaks. I actually bought the “man version” of this North Face shower caddy/toiletry bag for Adam’s stocking last Christmas, and he swears by it! The material is super easy to clean and doesn’t take too much room in your gym bag. I also like the various pockets in the roll kit to separate your shower essentials.

7. Bare Minerals Advanced Protection SPF 20 Moisturizer: Okay, so this isn’t a fitness item per se, but it’s been one of my most consistent cosmetic purchases over the past two years. Many SPF moisturizers make my skin break out or look super shiny, but this one has served me very well. Whether you are running, walking, playing team sports, or hitting the ski slopes, an SPF moisturizer is just as important as having the right athletic equipment. Especially one that is free from harsh chemicals, like this one.

8. Water Bottle- Friendly Ice Cube Tray: Umm…genius.

9. Lavanila’s The Healthy Deodorant: Love love love. Makes you smell better, minus the chemicals.

10. Bic Bands: First of all, I love this brand and their overall philosophy. You can read more about them on their website, but basically, all Bic Bands are hand made in southern California and each month they select a different charity in which to donate a portion of the profit from all headbands that they sell. The bands are non slip and come in tons of sizes and designs. I love supporting companies like this, not to mention headbands are an integral part of my fitness attire. Perfect stocking stuffers, secret santa gifts, etc!

A few other honourable mentions, without specific brand association:

  • Passes to a “different” kind of fitness class: hot yoga, kick boxing, bootcamp, etc.
  • Sweat towels.
  • Neon shoe laces.
  • Good quality, seamless thong underwear.
  • Snacks and treats from a specialty health food store.
  • Breathable, low cut, high quality running socks.
  • Swimming goggles.
  • Massage Ball.

What do you think? Anything else you would add to the stocking stuffer or Secret Santa list for all the femme fitales out there?

PS- I’m not affiliated in any way with the above brands. I simply selected items that I personally love from experience OR would love to receive in my own stocking!

14 Thoughts on “Fitness Themed Stocking Stuffers for Her

  1. You know…it’s been years since I opened a stocking. For some reason when my husband and I get married, we stopped doing stockings, but after reading this, I kind of want to do it again. I love all these ideas!

  2. I’ve never heard of Bic Bands, they sound like a great company, I’m going to need to check their website out

  3. So I just added like all of these goodies to my wish list. I even texted my bf that he must buy me the S’well water bottle. Awesome awesome list!!!

    • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on November 28, 2013 at 9:05 pm said:

      So glad you like the items! The water bottles are a bit of a higher price point, but I feel it’s worth it. Love them!

  4. I’m with Christine…I want all the things!! Really, I do. This is a great list. I have wanted to try Lavanila’s deodorant for a while but it is taking me forever to use up the kind I currently have. I should just throw it away, haha.

    I actually use the same Yes to wipes to remove my makeup before washing my face. They’re expensive to use everyday but I’m addicted.

    • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on November 28, 2013 at 9:07 pm said:

      Yes, the Lavanila is awesome. I need to get my friends to pick me up some at Sephora before coming to visit at Christmas! I threw away the one I was using (Toms) because it didn’t work and smelled awful. It’s ALSO expensive, but it’s been lasting for several months now with still plenty left :)

  5. LOVE the idea of that water bottle ice cube tray – genius! How funny that we posted such similar items!

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  7. That’s a pretty s’well bottle. Can xmas come already? :)

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  9. That tray is so smart!! Fun and different ideas thanks

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