Sushi Date & Mindful Eating

On Friday night, Adam and I finally got to go out for a dinner date without our miniature tag along!

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We left Thomas with Grandma, and off we went. Dinner of choice? A fancier sushi restaurant, Sono, at Portside Wharf here in Brisbane. Our friends kept recommending it to us, so we figured we’d give it a whirl.

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No pics of all our rolls and nigiri; we dove in a little too quickly!

The fish at Sono was fantastic and we had a wonderful time, although to be honest, I am just as content eating sushi at a local hole in the wall. Actually, some of the best sushi I’ve ever had was at a little hidden gem in downtown Vancouver, for less than $15! Expensive or cheap, sushi is one of my favourite foods. Maybe my ultimate favourite. Like, to the point of sheer excitement even thinking about busting out the chop sticks. Adam had to have an intervention with me a few years ago. Apparently I was making sushi eating “unfun” for him, as I tended to get a little possessive of portions when I couldn’t keep up. My tuna! Mine!

I definitely have to watch it with my sushi intake, though. It’s one of those foods where I can lose total control and put back rolls like I’m a garbage disposal if I’m not conscious. Sure, there are plenty of healthy things about sushi:

However, there are definitely best/better choices on a sushi menu, just like any restaurant. Fish in its most natural form (like sashimi), substituting white with brown rice, or choosing edamame as an appetizer are some excellent options. A lot of sushi can be processed, full of mayo and high calorie sauces, or loaded with saturated fat (like tempura). It can also be very salty, especially soy sauce and soups, so moderation is definitely crucial. As with everything, I like knowing about the content of my food. I’m definitely not the type to record and analyze my daily caloric intake, and I’m not super strict with my diet. I try to eat healthy, especially throughout the week, but I’m not afraid to splurge every so often either. That being said, I like knowing about my food, why it’s beneficial, or even why it’s not the healthiest decision on the menu, etc. I did some research and compiled a list of popular sushi menu options and thought I’d share:  {source & source}


Nothing was overly surprising about these findings, yet I’m always interested in looking more closely at nutritional breakdowns. This is definitely not supposed to be an “eat this, not that” post by any means. Seriously. Put a rainbow roll in front of me, and I’ll eat it quicker than you can say, “Sake”. But I do think it’s very important that when I choose to eat something that may not be the epitome of health, I am aware of it. Know what I mean? I don’t want to be oblivious to the things I’m consuming, whether or not they are healthy. In my opinion, it’s really all about balance and moderation. I try to be mindful of my selections and round out the less healthier choices with extra veggies/greens, lean protein, and plenty of water.

I’m interested…

Do you think about/care about the nutritional content of the food when you go out to eat?

Any sushi faves? I’m a sashimi and nigiri girl, but also loooove spicy tuna and salmon rolls!


8 Thoughts on “Sushi Date & Mindful Eating

  1. So pretty… love your dress! I am not a huge sushi fan (the raw fish kinda freaks me out) but I do love edamame and cucumber avocado rolls. If brown rice is an option, I opt for that and I also try to order a side dish of steamed veggies. I am definitely mindful about the nutritional content when I go out to eat — probably a bit more than I like but I go out so rarely that I know it won’t derail me from my food and fitness goals.

    • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on November 25, 2013 at 7:18 am said:

      It’s good that you say that! I feel the same. If I had a job that caused me to go out for lunches and dinners often, I’d probably be a little more strict when selecting from menus. But when you only eat out once every week or two, then it’s not overly concerning.
      Haha, it definitely took me awhile to warm up to sushi, especially sashimi!!!

  2. I’m a sushi addict ! I seriously could have it everyday all day

  3. Yay for date night!! Hope you guys enjoyed it. I’m a sushi fake, I love it, but don’t eat any of the raw fish. I mainly stick to vegetarian rolls and items with cooked crab or shrimp. I easily down a whole bowl of edamame before any of the other items arrive :)

    • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on November 27, 2013 at 9:25 pm said:

      I used to be the same, Sarah! I have no idea how, but somewhere along the way I became obsessed! Edamame is so good. I never remember to buy it to prepare at home, either, but I really should!

  4. I am dying to eat this post and I don’t even like ‘real’ sushi. It must be because I “can’t” eat it right now that I am dying to try everything in those pictures…. haha!! Love that you and Adam got to have a date night- wish I could babysit your beautiful little babe…

    I found when I was on the road for work I would HATE ordering out. Nothing was really ever satisfying and it was hard to modify menu items. Quite often healthier subsitutions cost more but if you have to eat out more than you would like for work or other reasons, you have to get over the $4 surcharge for tomatoes instead of toast!!! Now that I am home every night and barely eating out, I find I am a lot more relaxed when it comes to ordering at restaurants because it is very rare.

    aaaannnddd you know me- edamame and maybe a few cucumber rolls is about as wild as I get when I go for sushi.


    • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on November 27, 2013 at 9:28 pm said:

      You’re hilarious! Haha, I fully intend on taking Baby C for sashimi dates when he’s older, FYI.

      You’re so right about the extra $. I think it’s so easy to say no when you realize the healthy modification is so much more expensive. Frustrating. Glad you aren’t on the road so often these days; dinners at home are so much more enjoyable. That way, when you do get to go out for dinner, it’s a special treat!

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