The Subjectivity of Adventure



Sometimes I feel like I am on a roller coaster. Or waiting my turn in line, perhaps. Did I mention I’m afraid of roller coasters? That’s the thing with adventure. We crave that rush of uncertainty and accomplishment, but sometimes the process is incredibly daunting.

Adventure means facing my fears. Leaving my box. Ripping off the bandage. Whether it’s been leaving my first teaching job, climbing mountain peaks, travelling to remote locations, uprooting my life to move to another continent, or bringing a baby into this world without much of a support ‘village’, adventure seems to have found its place in my life. It gives me anxiety, yet brings me great joy. It changes my perspective and promotes facets that I didn’t realize existed within me.

“Don’t follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail.” I used this quote in my high school graduation write up. I think there was always something inside of me that wanted to bust out of my safe little shell of familiarity. Eventually, we all grow up and are presented with an array of potentially life altering opportunities. It’s our decision in those key moments that can dictate the rest of our life. To me, adventure is a choice. It doesn’t have to be consistent or extreme. However, it needs to be enough to make your heart race, change your perspective, and question if your decision was the right one. Don’t worry; it always is.

After receiving news about this contest for bloggers, I thought it was a fantastic opportunity. As I began writing, I found it was quite therapeutic to sit back and really consider what adventure means to me. I realize that no matter how big or small my “adventures” have been, many have been life altering and have moulded the person I am today.

Are you an Australian blogger? There are still a few days to submit a collage and write up to the Southern Cross Travel Insurance photo competition. {Arman? Kristy? Bek?} Even if you are not, I still think it’s interesting to take a moment to reflect upon your own concept of adventure. What it means to you and how it has influenced your life. Or perhaps it is something we need more of. I don’t think we necessarily need to go jumping out of planes or diving with sharks, unless those are the type of things that bring us the thrill we’re searching for. Instead, it’s about finding and fostering an element of surprise and novelty in our respective lives, creating new learning opportunities and widening our perspective. Isn’t this what life’s all about, anyway?

8 Thoughts on “The Subjectivity of Adventure

  1. Good luck Kelly!! :)
    Great pictures!!

  2. This is contest! Such a great idea!

  3. Your pictures and writing definitely evoke emotion. They’re beautiful. Best of luck!

  4. Keep discovering Kelly! And good luck. :)

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