Tossing Up A Storm {Featuring the Prawn Mango Salad}

I love salad.

Ten years ago, that’s not a statement I would have made. I actually used to be an extremely picky eater and only like warm/cooked vegetables, or those baked into dishes. Obviously things have changed, and salads have become a staple in my (usually daily) life. When I was under the weather a little over a week ago, I actually went about seven days without eating a salad, as I only craved vegetables and fruit in their most comforting forms. That meant I turned into a bit of a salad monster once I started feeling better. You know that feeling after a weekend road-trip when you haven’t been eating well and can’t wait to get back into your own kitchen with some fresh produce? Yuck. That’s how I was feeling.

Now, although I will eat the standard ‘mixed greens’ variety, I rarely make it at home. We tend to go a little buck wild in the salad department around here, throwing in as many random ingredients that I can get my hands on. I like my salads as meals, not side dish sized. Otherwise, I’ll be snacking an hour later or waking up at 2am with a grumbling stomach.

Before digging in, I remembered to capture a few of them on camera last week.


Baked salmon seasoned with dukkah, mixed baby arugula & spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, walnuts, fresh grated parmesan.


Grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, black beans, sweet corn ‘off’ the cob, tomatoes, grated light cheddar, handful of crushed organic corn chips


{This one was a lunch!} Grilled chicken breast, baby spinach, avocado, green seedless grapes, pine nuts.


Baked prawns, fresh mango, mixed greens, black beans, yellow pepper, avocado, spiced couscous.

I just realized that I forgot my kale salad with goddess dressing. Hmm..I guess there were a few other random concoctions, but you get the idea! If I had to choose, my favourite of all the above combinations would be the baked prawn salad. Don’t judge a salad by its ingredients; this one was a winner. I actually re-made it last night for Adam and he gave it the stamp of approval as well. So, I thought I would share this salad ‘recipe’. I don’t really like to call it a recipe, as I never follow one when it comes to salads. They are all slightly different each time, but at least this is close to what went into the combo.


So, what do you think? Are you a throw-random-things-in-a-bowl-and-chow-down type of salad eater, or are you a little more prescriptive with your combinations?
Any new salad recipes out there that you are loving/making lately? Feel free to link up!

One Thought on “Tossing Up A Storm {Featuring the Prawn Mango Salad}

  1. Oh my goodness, this salad looks so fresh and delicious! I love everything about it!

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