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I once read that the average woman wears about 10% of her wardrobe. Whether or not this statistic is accurate, I am unsure. It wouldn’t surprise me, though. Looking through my closet and drawers, I’d say this is probably fairly accurate for me since moving to Australia and become a mother. I don’t even know why I bothered to ship half of my closet’s contents across the planet, as most of them have never been off the hanger since arriving here last year. Those 4.5″ stilettos? Pffff…yeah, right. That lace dress from our girls’ Vegas trip? Now, that would get some looks at mothers’ group! That being said, there is one drawer that has seen A LOT of action: the one containing my workout clothes. Sure, I like to exercise and live an active lifestyle, hence the subject matter of this blog! However, I also find myself in workout gear even on days where I’m lounging around the house with Thomas or running quick errands in the neighbourhood.

The funny thing is, I am so much more stringent with spending money on yoga pants, racer backs, sports bras, or running shorts, which is pretty illogical. That $100 dress that I’ve only worn once? I have a few too many of those! How can some of us be so lax when it comes to forking out money for clothing we will only wear a handful of times, but question a $60 tank top that may possibly be worn until it’s on its last stitches legs!?

Anyway, I was sifting through my workout wear last week and realized that it’s probably time to invest in a few more pieces. My favourite tank tops have definitely seen better days, and a couple of my sports bras have run their course as well. I am kind of a creature of habit when it comes to my workout wear, and have always gravitated back to the same brand(s). It has gotten to the point where sometimes I’m dressed head to toe, headband included, in the same logo simply because I haven’t found any other brands that I like. When I moved to Australia, I started seeing a few new brands that interested me, and felt it was time to expand my workout wear horizons.

I was very excited when fivemore contacted me a few weeks ago to introduce themselves. They are a fairly new, Sydney-based health, wellness, and lifestyle journal. They also have an awesome online store featuring tons of great brands. I was immediately impressed by fivemore’s founder, Catherine Andersen, and her philosophy regarding healthy living, so ventured further and couldn’t help but be drawn to a number of pieces!


Although I find online shopping to be incredibly convenient, I am oftentimes hesitant to purchase clothing because I worry about sizing and quality when it’s a product that I’m not familiar with. Since I was unfamiliar with all of fivemore’s brands, I was thrilled to receive two pieces to test out: the Gigi Active Micro Light Crossover Back Bra Top  and the Oiselle Lesley Knickers.

IMG_1404 IMG_1401

Both the sports bra and pants fit perfectly. I really like the look of the Lesley Knickers. They stay in place during active movements like burpees and squats, and provide a nice shape for your legs. There is also a little zipper on the inside back waistband. I have another pair of pants and some shorts with a pocket like this, and it’s a convenient place for a key when you are out for a run! They are made in China, which in my opinion is a downfall, but I suppose the other “big name brands” on the market are manufactured there as well. Otherwise, I really love these pants. So much! The GiGi bra, designed in New York and made in Brazil, is also wonderful. It’s not lined, so if you prefer to have a little more coverage or shape in the chest area, I would suggest something like the Icebreaker Sprite Racerback Bra. However, it definitely has amazing support for running and the material is super comfortable. I also love the crossover back!



I decided to put together a little collage of a few more items on my radar:


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Okay, friends. Now for some fun! fivemore is currently running an AMAZING Facebook contest that is open to Australian AND international residents. You don’t hear that too often, so this is exciting! Throughout the rest of December, you can send a photo & caption that describes your inspiration for doing “five more _____ {insert tough exercise here}”.


If that wasn’t enough, all Femme Fitale readers can receive an additional 10% discount on any fivemore purchases by entering the code femmefitale10% at the checkout! Once again, this also applies to all international residents! Woo hoo!


I know I am going to take advantage of the discount, as well as enter the Facebook contest this weekend. I don’t know about you, but I get so excited finding new workout brands that look good, stay in place, are comfortable, and hold up over time. I’ll have to let you know about the fourth requirement after some wear and tear, but fivemore certainly has the first three covered.

Are you in the running for new workout gear as badly as I am?! The pink tank top I wore to Body Attack yesterday (an old favourite) actually has a permanent blue marker stain on it. True story and kind of embarrassing. Booooo!

Are you familiar with any of Fivemore’s brands? I actually spotted Oiselle on another {American} fitness blogger a couple of weeks ago! Fun!

Although I received these sample pieces from fivemore for review purposes, I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions and thoughts are completely my own based upon personal experience and preferences. 

10 Thoughts on “Activewear by fivemore {Review}

  1. I’ve never heard of this brand… but I love the way the clothing looks. I keep my workout gear for quite a long time… I should probably sort through it all again.

    • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on December 16, 2013 at 10:01 am said:

      I do too. I always think that I’ll use it for “something”, but it ends up just sitting there for another year until I do the same thing all over again!

  2. I depserately need new workout gear and I think you may have inspired me! I certainly have my favorite pieces that are in constant rotation and have seen better days.

    what did you think of the grey in terms of showing sweat? I’m always hesitant to get that colour espeically in tights because of sweat stains… curious how this new brand holds up on that!

    • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on December 17, 2013 at 8:07 am said:

      Hah! I definitely wear a few tank tops and sports bras that would probably be better off as cleaning rags.
      I feel the same about the grey colour. I haven’t seriously sweated in them yet, so I can’t attest to it, but I spilled water on them and you could definitely see it until it dried! I think that’s pretty much the way with any grey pants. I have grey Lulus which are the same. I really like the look of them, but I would pick and choose my activities!!

  3. I’ve never heard of Fivemore but I love love love those yoga pants so yes, I’ll be entering! I am way less likely to spend that $100 on a dress than on workout clothes which means I’ve worn the same dress to every event i have been to in the last 2 years haha…if only I could wear my workout clothes! I’m going to be the bride in an all white workout get-up…I’m just kidding, that would be awful!

  4. I’d say that 10% might be pretty accurate. That makes me want to go clean out my closet, haha. And yes, those expensive dresses that just sit there…it felt so necessary in the moment.

    I’m loving the sports bra and the pants are cute too. I’m not surprised they are made in China- virtually everything is these days. Looks like a great giveaway and that’s awesome it’s international!

  5. I think a lot of things nowadays are made in China but there seems to be a recent influx of things made in Thailand and Vietnam. I’ve never heard of fivemore but glad it’s here in Aussie land!

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