#Elf4Health Challenge: My Week 1 Recap

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up to participate in the Elf For Health challenge, hosted my Nutritionella (Elle) and The Lean Green Bean (Lindsay). I thought it was such a cute idea, and seemed like a fun incentive for keeping myself in check while incorporating positivity into each day this month. Here’s my re-cap of Week #1!



Go Meatless: I had a really weird day of eats that consisted of about 8 giant snacks {dinner included} and this roasted vegetable quinoa mint salad for lunch while we were out. The salad was delicious, but let’s be serious. This girl needs a lot more grub; I was hungry again by the time I got home and had to make a {meatless} sandwich.



Unsubscribe From Emails: I’m the worst! I had so many newsletters and random emails from stores and websites that I NEVER read. Most of them are from Canada and the States, are are completely inapplicable to my life at the moment. Good idea on this challenge, ladies. It was a necessary one!



Try A New Workout: Due to a crazy teething week, Thomas wasn’t feeling well and I missed my planned morning workout. After a stir crazy day, I booked him into child care for a last minute evening class: Kettleworx. It’s a class I had never done before, but even after 25 minutes, I’d barely broken a sweat. The movements and reps were waaay too fast in order to do the exercises properly with a full range of motion, and even the heaviest kettlebells weren’t heavy enough for me {and I’m certainly not a tank in the weight room by any stretch of the imagination}. To make things more annoying, the daycare woman came to fetch me, as Thomas’s screeches were heard throughout the entire gym. End workout. Hmm. Not an overly successful day of exercise, but at least I tried, right?



Make A Phone Call: I recently cancelled our international phone plan, so I’m hoping FaceTime will do the trick for this one!? I’m working my way through a massive FaceTime date list with my friends and family, and managed to squeeze in TWO on Thursday. Do I get double elf points?


Track Water Intake: Whoopsie. This one didn’t go over so well, friends. I completely forgot about today’s challenge until lunch time. That being said, I do drink water continuously throughout each day, but simply forgot to actually track the amount I was consuming. I kind of do mental checks with myself, trying to fill up my waterbottle or glass before I ever get to the point of feeling thirsty. There are actually some interesting tools for people who are trying to up their water intake:

For example, The Hydracoach Intelligent Waterbottle. So cool! It is “the worlds first Interactive Water Bottle. It calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your real-time fluid consumption, paces you throughout the day and motivates you to achieve and maintain optimal hydration.” (source)  

Or the Waterlogged App! It tracks your intake and even gives you reminders for drinking more. I’ve just downloaded this to my iPhone {the free version} and going to play around with it. Apparently it’s been very well received. To be honest, water tracking isn’t something I’m too ambitions about, as I feel I’m in a good place with my intake. However, I absolutely see how this could be beneficial.


Treat Yourself: I was invited to attend the Goodlife Health Club {Australia} National Gala for their recent 12-week fitness challenge on Saturday evening. Adam had work commitments and couldn’t take care of the Bubs, so I was actually thinking of passing up the opportunity. Thomas has never had a babysitter besides our close family and friends, so I was worried about leaving him with a stranger. Plus, the going rate for babysitters here is upwards of $20/hour {!!!!!}, which really makes your night out a heck of a lot more expensive. Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and booked a babysitter who had been referred to me through friends. It was probably the best decision I could have made. She was amazing with Thomas, and he did incredibly well! I was able to have a night out, meet some wonderful people, and enjoy the inspirational celebration. I’ll be doing a blog recap of the event later this week! I think it was a perfect choice for “Treat Myself Saturday”!



Do 100 Burpees: Yup. I don’t do 100 straight burpees though. I do 10 sets of 10, with about twenty seconds in between each one. I find this helps me re-set, maintain proper form, and push it as hard as I can.

…and that’s a Week 1 wrap! I still have one more week with Sarah as my email buddy, and then we are switching things up and being assigned to a new Elf. You can still sign up for Round 2 {the last two weeks} of the challenge. OR, you can always just use the activities as inspiration for things you’d like to incorporate into your life this month. I think my favourite was Tuesday’s subscription cancellation/cleaning up my inbox. So therapeutic!

Oh, and by the way…Happy December 1st! I have a feeling the last month of 2013 is going to be a good one.


4 Thoughts on “#Elf4Health Challenge: My Week 1 Recap

  1. Love reading your recap :) which makes me feel better because I am writing mine for tomorrow and I thought people would think it was boring. So great that you were about to have a fun night out and sometimes workouts just aren’t all that good. But what matters is getting back in the gym :) (which I know you do!)

  2. I’m participating in Elf 4 Health too and its been awesome! I met almost every challenge except for water tracking… it was the one day last week I spent half of in a car. Stopping on New Brunswick highways gets annoying as I’m sure you know 😉

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