January Favourites

So, I completely missed the boat with my December faves. We were so busy celebrating the New Year with our family and on the road to Sydney. Besides, December was just my FAVOURITE everything. Ahhh, I miss you, December. January has always been my least favourite month, even here in Australia when it’s currently the summer! However, there’s always room for positivity, right folks? Here we go:


I renewed my passion for yogurt bowls this month besides, of course, during my paleo week. With January being the middle of Australian summer, mornings have been warm and I’ve wanted something light and cool.


Dinner Item

I know I’ve mentioned this several times already, but I’ve developed a newfound passion for roasted pumpkin. Adam and I made a pizza last weekend, which I threw up on Instagram: roasted pumpkin with rosemary and goat cheese (and other things…). It might be the best pizza we’ve ever made! I want to make a few small alterations to the recipe and take more photos so that I can share it with you guys! Stay tuned.



I think after the cessation of paleo week, I turned into a yogurt-aholic. Seriously. I can’t get enough. If I had a “dessert” favourite category, yogurt would probably be in there as well. Anyway, last week I was scavenging through the pantry for an afternoon snack, as nothing was overly appealing to me. I ended up with the following combination: coconut yogurt, a dash of organic cacao powder, chia seeds, handful of nuts, and berries. Umm…yes.



Back off, kid. MY snack!


Teaching/shadowing Body Attack a few times a week, as per usual. I’ve also gotten back into a cardio machine and free weight routine over the past couple of weeks. I’m not attending my Boot Camp right now, as the times don’t work overly well for Thomas and we are beyond the “Baby Boot Camp” stage. We’ve also finally made it through TWO days at the gym (this is big, guys) where he’s played contently for an hour without crying. Fingers crossed this trend continues, as I’m getting a bit frustrated seeing the day care workers wave me down from across the gym to come retrieve him early.


Body Part Focus

Every time I am at the gym, I make sure to do push ups. So, chest & shoulders. I want to improve to the point that I can complete 20 toe pushups, chest close ground. I can do a ton on my knees, and I know 20 on your toes doesn’t sound like a lot. But a year ago after having Thomas, I couldn’t even do 20 on my knees without maxing out, so it’s actually been a process to get where I am. Onwards and upwards.


I’ve been spoiling myself with skinny cappuccinos a few times a week. It’s my beverage indulgence. Does anyone else get as excited about coffee as I do?

Baby Related

Tomorrow is the first day of February, which also means it’s Thomas’s birthday month. In two weeks, I will be the mother of a one year old. A toddler. I could laugh, squeal, and cry all at the same time. He’s recently standing on his own and has also taken a couple of steps forward. He loves to read stories, clap and wave at people, and climbs up on me to cling on for a big hug.  He continues to steal my heart every day with new changes and discoveries. I love this age more than anything yet.


Clothing Item

Can we please not talk about this right now? I think I’ve been in tights and workout tops for the past 5 days straight, so I don’t even want to think about clothing right now. I feel like a frumpy mess. I am dying to go shopping for things unrelated to babies and food. Help meeeeeee.


I think I am finally getting used to my brown hair. It was definitely a very weird adjustment for me, with a few tears shed and several curse words uttered along the way. Luckily, I’ve passed the denial and anger stages, and have come to accept…maybe even like… my naturally brown locks. I’ve been blonde for over ½ my life, and even some of my best friends have never seen me with my natural hair colour. Neither had Adam! I have a hair appointment next week and will probably add a few highlights, but otherwise I think I’ll be hanging out with the brunettes for awhile.

Reading Material

I CAN recite every word of Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Each Peach Pear Plum with my eyes closed. Does that count?

Blog of the Month

Emily is pretty much unstoppable. She’s been my fave blogger since the day I started reading them, and her posts never fail to disappoint. I think I also like the fact that since I read so many healthy living blogs (and personally contribute to the HLB realm), hers is a breathe of fresh air with a focus on everything but. I also find that some fashion and lifestyle bloggers who “make it” become so over the top and feature clothing or household items that no normal person could ever afford. However, her taste is excellent and reasonable (most of the time). I still regret not saying “HI” to her last July at LAX; she was behind us in security and I was too embarrassed with the sight of myself after a 14 hour flight from Brisbane with a 5 month old!

 Beauty Product

God. Who knows. I don’t even remember brushing my hair this week let alone beautifying myself. Let’s talk again in February. Hopefully I’ll have straightened myself out by then.


Beyonce’s album is off the charts. Been listening to XO on repeat since Christmas.

Guilty Pleasure

Reading celebrity magazines on the revolving Stairmaster. It’s been ages. Although, I only really get through about 10 pages because I can’t concentrate while doing cardio. Observation: Australian magazines are soooo hard on celebrities (and sometimes very politically incorrect). Even more than North America. It’s hilarious and out of control! “_____ was spotted at the beach. Wow! She doesn’t look as fat anymore!” “_______ must be very embarrassed by her newfound thunder thighs.” Reading these things is better than MTV.

Wish List

–       To have some “me time” for shopping and using the spa gift cards I received for Christmas

–       I never thought I’d say this, but I also want a leather baseball cap (preferably the Kookai one).

What I’m Proud of this Month

Getting over my fear of Body Attack teaching. Now I’m only slightly intimidated. Who would have thought that something that has always come so natural to me (classroom teaching) would be so difficult to transfer.


A sweaty mess after last weekend’s Australia Day class!

I also tried Vegemite for the first time since moving to Australia. I thought that it would be a thoughtful and patriotic way to show my thanks and appreciation for this great country. Verdict: If I could compare it to anything, it would be…salty tar. Yup.


Areas for Improvement this Month

Tidying up the house. There have been days when it looks like a tornado blew through, and I just don’t have the time, energy, or desire to deal with it. Then I start to feel anxious, because I hate when things are a mess and end up spending my free time cleaning. I need to make tidying up throughout the day a priority, so I’m not left cleaning for an hour after Thomas goes to sleep.

Things I am Looking Forward To (in the next 30 days)

–       My Valentine’s Day baby turns the big #1

–       A visit from my in-laws

Peace out, January. It’s been a treat. Kind of. 

3 Thoughts on “January Favourites

  1. I’m with you, I loveeee December – but always feel like January is so hectic!

    I can’t believe Thomas is almost one! He just keeps on getting cuter too!

    Don’t worry about frumpy, I am the frumpy queen right now. I’m so crazy exhausted that showering is an effort in itself so I’ve been living in workout clothes and Harlem pants because I’m too lazy to wear anything else.

  2. That pizza looks amazing!!! I’m also such a big fan of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Can’t believe you saw Emily at an airport. I would have freaked out!

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