Setting Goals in 2014

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New Year. New Goals.

Some people don’t believe in new year’s resolutions. They believe that the creation of lofty goals is a useless act, simply setting them up for failure.

Sure, maybe some resolutions are far fetched and unattainable. That definitely happens.

However, I’ll admit that the teacher and planner in me LOVES goal setting. Looooves it!!! I believe in the power of establishing small goals to lead to bigger ones. I always need something to work towards and better myself. It bothers me to exist aimlessly.

Why do we make goals? Because we want change. Improvement. Happiness. Challenge. How I see it, resolutions are the necessary pieces of the puzzle that help to lead us to conquering such goals.

“I’m going to lose ___ lbs.” –> How?

“I’m going to read more.” –> When will you schedule this in, and what will you give up to do so?

“I’m going to eat healthier.” –> What types of food for food exchanges do you need to make?

“I’m going to be more positive.” –> How do you plan on avoiding negativity?

Whatever your goals are, steps need to be laid out to determine the appropriate strategy for successfully achieving what you set out to do. You can’t just lose weight, workout more, eat better, save more money, get more sleep…etc. Each of these areas of self-improvement needs a plan in order to succeed, and that’s where resolutions can come into play.

So, where is MY head at?

Dr. Roger Walsh, a member of the faculty of the Department of Human Behavior at the University of California College of Medicine, is renown for his research on physical and mental health. He developed 8 therapeutic lifestyle changes (“TLCs”) which he believes to be the gateway to living a healthy and happy life:


Many argue that these behaviours are difficult to sustain, maintain, and achieve. I can definitely see that. However, I can also see incredible value in these eight elements. I decided that in 2014, I would like to use Walsh’s TLCs as my guideline for self improvement. My goal for 2014 is: HAPPINESS. Don’t get me wrong. I would say that I’m most definitely a happy person. I just had an amazing 2013, filled with more joy than I could ever imagine. However, I’ll admit that I’m sometimes challenged by complaining too often, thinking with a half-empty glass, feeling sorry for myself, etc. By prioritizing Walsh’s 8 TLCs in my life, I can only hope to become an even happier person, thus cancelling out some of the apparent negativity.

In order to be successful in creating even more happiness in my life, I just need to keep things simple. I don’t want to feel down on myself for “failing to do something”, as is typical for so many New Year’s resolutions, but instead just want to keep these 8 guidelines in clear sight. I’ll be referring to them at the end of each month, just to check in with myself and see where I need to refocus.


The current background on my laptop for a daily reminder.

In 2014, my goal is to accentuate the happiness that already exists in my life. In order to succeed, I resolve to prioritize Walsh’s 8 TLCs, review them often, and make changes or additions to the areas that are lagging.

A New Year doesn’t mean that you need to change everything about yourself, but isn’t it a nice opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start fresh in some areas, while building upon our previous successes in others? There’s always room for new goals and self improvement, no matter who we are.


5 Thoughts on “Setting Goals in 2014

  1. What a great way to keep reminding yourself of what’s important in life. I’ve stopped making rigid resolutions as well, because I also hate feeling like I’ve let myself down if things don’t go as planned. One day at a time, and just always look for ways to make your life and yourself a little bit better at a time :)

  2. I love the idea of checking in once a month to see where you’re at- So many times I’d make resolutions in the past and only assess at year’s end- often to no success! And no better way than having it face planting you upon opening your laptop 😉

    Here’s to a great 2014.

    • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on January 16, 2014 at 7:36 am said:

      I’ve heard of people framing their resolutions to place on their beside table…thought the laptop was a little more subtle. hahah

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