A Quick Hello + Our Three Winners!

Hey, guys! I realize I’ve been a little lax on the blogging this week. Adam had been in Manila for two weeks for work, and finally arrived home on Friday. I don’t know why this time was any different from his previous trips, but I was so exhausted and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I haven’t been feeling 100% these past few days, so spent the weekend sleeping a bit, getting neglected errands accomplished, and spending some lazy time with my boys.

I’ll be back in the saddle this week with some much needed blog attention, but in the meantime I needed to stop in to say THANK YOU to everyone who entered the #changeforthebest giveaway with Fitness First Australia. There were so many inspirational and amazing entries, and I truly enjoyed reading each one. Best of luck to all of you in achieving your 2014 goals in health and fitness. This is THE year!

Healthier You in 2014 Contest


Congratulations to the three winners. I’ve emailed all three of you with more details!

iPod Shuffle & Women’s Fitness Subscription: Amanda G.

Lululemon Weekend Warrior Bag: Jade O.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet: Macarena R.

One Thought on “A Quick Hello + Our Three Winners!

  1. I know what you mean about finding time to blog sometimes! I find that I try and stay on top of it and have a few posts ready to go for when I get busy but it doesn’t always work that way.

    So cool you gave away your prizes to 3 winners! For my giveaway I gave all the prizes to one very lucky reader :)

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