Five Post-Workout Smoothies…Or Anytime, For That Matter!

In April, Fitness First Australia generously gave me $250 to put towards supercharging my health. Amazing, right? I could have created a list of a hundred and one things to invest in. Some contemplated ideas: hot yoga passes, new fitness clothing, or a consultation with a holistic nutritionist/dietician. Despite the endless and exciting possibilities, deep down I really knew that this opportunity should only result in the purchase of one thing, and one thing only…


Finally! After a year of whining and complaining about my old, dysfunctional blender, I bit the bullet and ordered an Omniblend {I had to put forward an extra $100 of my own money to round out the purchase}.  It’s not as pricey as some high quality blenders on the market, but completely met my requirements for everything I wanted in my new appliance. I have certainly been getting my money’s worth!


There are so many things that I’m looking forward to making in my new blender, many of which I have never made before, since my previous blender could barely dismantle an ice cube:

  • Soups
  • Batters
  • Nut Butters
  • Dips
  • Pesto & Sauces
  • Energy Bar Bases
  • Juices
  • Cocktails
  • …the list goes on.

So far, though, I’ve been sticking to my tried and true blender favourite: smoothies. I must say, they are tasting so much better than normal; they have a far superior consistency which can be attributed to a good quality blender.


One of my favourite times to have a smoothie is post-workout. If I’m consuming it as a “mini-meal”, I’ll most always try to incorporate a protein source within the concoction. Sometimes this may mean an organic/all-natural pea, rice or whey protein powder, whereas other times I will use things like nuts, cottage cheese, or hemp hearts.

In celebration of my newest kitchen addition, I’ve complied recipes for my five go-to smoothies for a healthy, satisfying, post-workout boost. Keep in mind that some of the smoothies like the Coco Banana are a bit higher in protein than others. If I have something like the Banana Berry, then I’ll usually add another protein source to my snack. You’ll see that I also included my favourite Green Mango smoothie, which actually does not have a main protein source, so I always add something alongside it. It’s just one of my favourite smoothies, and I couldn’t bear to leave it out. Perfect and refreshing after a light yoga workout or a walk (or even first thing in the morning). I’ll admit, I am not big on many green smoothie/juice recipes out there, but this one is a winner in my books.


Simple Workout Smoothies




Creamy Blueberry Smoothie



Coco Banana Smoothie





Almond Date Smoothie



Green Mango Smoothie

These are just a handful of my current favourites that have been part of my rotation as of late.

A very special thanks to Fitness First Australia for helping me supercharge my health this month. This blender has been a long time coming, and I’m thoroughly enjoying my daily smoothie. It is a quick, easy, and versatile snack option that provides you with a perfect boost of energy in any given circumstance.

Do you have a go-to smoothie recipe? Please share!!! 


This post is brought to you in partnership with Fitness First as part of their #changeforthebest campaign, inspiring Australians to take charge of their health and wellness in 2014.


16 Thoughts on “Five Post-Workout Smoothies…Or Anytime, For That Matter!

  1. Hi Kelly! This post is going to give me a lot inspiration because I also bought a blender this month! (After burning quite a few

    • :( I wrote a quite long comment, but it seems it’s gone! Anyways, I was telling you that this was going to be a very useful post to me because I bought a very similar blender this month, the Bio Chef. There are actually the same thing I would say, it was the longer warranty that made me buy the Bio Chef instead of the Omniblend.
      I also said that I finally have my blog up this week (, I still have a lot to learn, but I’m very happy to finally having it up online. You were my biggest inspiration to do it, so thanks you for that! I’m travelling back home (Chile) for holidays, but I really hope I can meet you sometime after coming back.

      • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on May 15, 2014 at 12:51 pm said:

        Thanks for the message, Maca! I hear the Bio Chef is great as well!! Can’t wait to head over and check out your blog :)
        Have a great time in Chile and definitely get in touch when you return! Will be a fun month to be in SA with the world cup going on!

  2. I’m loving all these smoothie recipes! They sound delicious! One of my favorites is my Chocolate Mocha Protein Smoothie! Here’s the link:

  3. All of these recipes look so so good! I have to say, a peanut butter and banana green smoothie tends to be my go to!

  4. Can we just highlight the beauty of your photos?

    I’m also proud you didn’t go the vitamix route- So overpriced and overrated I reckon! Now as for these smoothies…YU-UU-M.

    Stop being selfish and make some goodies for Thomas.

    • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on May 16, 2014 at 9:18 am said:

      Thomas gets some of the non-protein powder ones!! hahah

      Agreed…I just don’t need a Vitamix at this stage in my life. I wouldn’t use it enough, so a blender like this one is perfect!!!!

  5. These look great! What brand of almond butter do you use? I’ve looked at our Woolies here and was unable to find any.

    • Kelly @ Femme Fitale on May 16, 2014 at 9:21 am said:

      Hey Katie! Well, as you probably know, almond butter in Australia is pretty limited. Hopign to use my blender to create my own version 😉
      I used the Macro natural “almond paste” (same idea) found in the health food aisle. I don’t really like it on its own though! Just in baked goods and smoothies. I am looking forward to diving into a giant container of the good stuff when I visit Canada in July! hahah

  6. You’re right having a good blender makes all the difference. I couldn’t live without mine – especially post workout. Thanks for the recipes. Will definitely try them – also can I recommend trying coconut water instead of milk – its a great combination with mango (tropical!) and an good option if you want to limit the lactose hit.

  7. I love the fact that you used coconut water in one of your smoothie recipes. I love smoothies, but I prefer cold pressed juices because it’s healthier.

  8. Hi Kelly,
    thank you for the article. these smoothies look delicious! :)

  9. Wow, Nice article. I love banana smoothies, its very tasty and healthy,
    Thanks for sharing this article.

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