Adventures in New Zealand: Part 2

It’s been four days since we’ve arrived home from New Zealand. We have a ‘bucket list’ of sorts for the things we want to do while living here in Australia, and visiting NZ has always been at the top.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time touring around the South Island. We would have loved to see the North as well, but with only 9 days, we simply couldn’t do it all. We also couldn’t participate in a lot of adventure activities as per the New Zealand travel norm. Just too difficult with a one year old! Instead, we clocked many hours in the car and several more hiking and touring around by foot; we saw so much in just over a week.

In many ways, New Zealand reminded us of Canada, particularly British Columbia. There were moments when I breathed in the cool mountain air, and it immediately took me back to the Rockies. There were certainly plenty of deja vu moments and twinges of homesickness, but mostly we were simply in awe of the simplicity of life, the vastly changing landscapes, and the loveliest people.

If you missed it last week –> Adventures in New Zealand: Part One.

For the six remaining days, we left Nelson and drove south to Franz Josef, then Queenstown, Te Anau, Dunedin, and finally back to Christchurch to catch our flight.

My photos don’t necessarily do the trip justice! However, he’s a small glimpse 

A stopover in Punakaiki on a gloomy/rainy first day of driving to stretch our legs and check out the Pancake Rocks:

A quick dinner and sleep in Franz Josef/Fox Glacier (Mt. Cook amongst the clouds in the background):

We were wishing we had an extra night in the glacier towns to do some exploring, but we were only there for about 3 hours of daylight!

The next morning we were off to beautiful Queenstown. I loved every place we visited, but I think that Queenstown was my favourite.

Amazing drive into Queenstown

Nice little view from our hotel

A hike to the top of the gondola track.

A reader suggestion: the infamous Fergberger! We enjoyed a burger-licious picnic in the park.

After Queenstown, we hit up Te Anau. Such a cute little lakeside town, and the gateway to Milford Sound.

Spotted: Canada Geese!

Milford Sound on a chilly day, but so worth it!

Everyone else wanted to stay indoors, so we had the entire top deck to ourselves!

Aaaand, my first meat pie experience (also a recommendation). Meat pies are a quintessential Aussie food item too, but it’s never been something that I’ve desired. I had a Thai Chicken one, and it’s was actually pretty delicious!

Our last stop was Dunedin on the east coast. We were there on a Sunday, and unfortunately everything downtown was closed! We had a lovely drive out through the Otago Peninsula though. By that point, we were all so tired, we were pretty content with a good night’s sleep before our drive up to Christchurch to catch our flight the next day.

Blue Penguin taking a snooze (they normally don’t come into the beach until dusk)

Seals blending in with the rocks!

We had quite the adventure in our nine days away. Although we didn’t see a Kiwi or visit the wine region, we still enjoyed every moment! It’s not always easy travelling with a baby, but it is totally worth the limitations and extra preparation in order to get out and see the world.

Thank you, New Zealand. You are beautiful!

Do you have any travel plans for 2014? Our next trip will take us back to Canada in August for a visit with friends, family, and an epic wedding!


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