Hey, Stranger!

Oh, hello there! I’m not quite sure if logging into my account for the first time in a year is exciting or just plain awkward. My blogging hiatus has been lengthier than anticipated. MUCH lengthier. I guess with the arrival of our second child, a move across the planet, and the purchase of a new house, life got a bit busy.

It’s been almost 11 months since my last post when I announced that Audrey had arrived (October 31st, 2014). Life has been both crazy and amazing as a family of four. I know that most of my family, friends, and blog readers have been following along on Instagram, so I am choosing not to replay all of the “missing months” in written form. To sum it up, it’s been challenging, joyful, exhausting, hilarious, overwhelming, amazing, and all encompassing.

We received confirmation just after Christmas that we would be leaving Brisbane, as Adam’s project was drawing to a close. It was pretty heartbreaking to say goodbye to our life in Australia. It had really begun to feel like ‘home’ to us. We could have stayed there forever; it’s truly the most perfect place to raise a family. I continue to get a knot in my stomach whenever I see pictures of our old neighbourhood and apartment along the Brisbane river. It was such a special place and I miss it more than anything.

                                                                  Our neighbourhood (Oxford Street, Bulimia, Brisbane)

                                                                               Bondi Beach, Sydney

                                                                    Last night at our apartment in Brisbane

                                                       Thomas chillin’ at Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays

                                                     Sunshine Beach, Noosa (32 weeks pregnant with Thomas)

Luckily, an opportunity came up back here in Alberta, which essentially made our transition at the end of February much easier. Familiarity, old friends, family, repatriation. We couldn’t have asked for a better relocation at this point in our lives.

After living with my brother/sister-in-law (bless them) for two months, we moved into our new house. We’ve been busy with renovations and there are still remaining boxes to be sorted and a million other things to do, but we have settled in nicely.

The past eleven months have been a time in my life consumed by change and novelty. Due to the demands of Adam’s new role in Alberta, I’ve taken on an extended parental leave from my teaching contract, so I will not be returning to the classroom until September 2016. I’m excited and grateful to have an extra year at home with our kids before heading back to work.

A few weeks ago, I received my annual renewal email from my website host. It was the moment when I had to make a decision: to continue or discontinue blogging, at least on this platform. I think anyone who has built something from scratch can understand how difficult it is to let go. I know that I am not ready to say goodbye to Femme Fitale quite yet. It’s been a wonderful outlet for me while living overseas, meeting people within the healthy living blog community, working with brands, keeping in touch with family and friends back home, and maintaining some form of creativity while out of the classroom teaching setting. I am definitely at a different place in my life than when I first started the blog, so I may need to change up a few things: topics, structure, frequency. I think the best thing I can do is just roll with it all and see where it takes me!

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