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Alright, you guys. Where is my Blogger of the Year nomination? Hah! I realize I’ve been MIA for months now when it comes to this little internet space, but I have good excuses, I swear!

Actually, I’ll just admit it. Sometimes in life, certain hobbies or pastimes have to give. In this case, blogging was one of them. I would never write and publish posts if I didn’t want to, or just for the sake of it…so I haven’t.

Thomas and I recently spent almost six wonderful weeks back in Canada, with Adam joining for the last 2.5. Travel was actually quite difficult on our way from Australia to North America. I was 25 weeks pregnant at the time and cranky, teething Thomas didn’t sleep the entire way across the Pacific Ocean (13 hours just from Brisbane to LA). On top of that, LAX was a complete nightmare. I’ve actually never had a worse airport experience; I was literally in tears. I’ll spare you the details of that debacle. I don’t know why I continue choosing flights via Los Angeles, but I will certainly be avoiding that airport at all costs in the future.

Despite the travel struggles, we eventually settled into the time change and new routine. Having the opportunity to spend time with our family and friends made it all worthwhile.

Here’s a quick, photo recap of our time in Canada! I wish I had more/better photos to share, but these will have to do!

Time with girlfriends.

Zoo dates with Grampy

Rekindling my love affair with North American grocery stores.

Beach days and treasure hunts with our cousins.

First hair cut.

Lots of Puppy Love.

                                                            Time on beautiful Prince Edward Island with my brother in laws and their lovely ladies.

Best attempt at a family portrait. We miss our Macy girl.

Daily fresh fruit picking from Grandma’s garden.

Lawn Games and Relaxing.

The simple things.

Bachelorette Shenanigans.

And topped it all off with our vacation highlight: watching my beauty best friend become my sister-in-law. I just might have to do a post on this topic at some point in the near future 

I must admit, I wasn’t overly successful or productive when it came to documenting our trip home this year, but at least I got a few snaps to show that we were actually there. Calgary-New Brunswick-PEI-Nova Scotia…it was six amazing weeks filled with quality family time, catching up with my best friends and their beautiful babies, scarfing down many delicious meals (lobster, anyone?), and making a hundred new memories for the books.

It was bitter-sweet leaving. We love our home here in Australia and are so happy to be back into a routine/not living out of a suitcase. However, home is where the heart is. As cliché or cheesy as that sounds, it is true. Til we meet again, Canada!







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