Foot massage techniques to relax tired feet

Whether it’s shopping, high heels, standing in a long queue to clear bills or something else, most of the time a long day outdoor work ends up with tired and aching feet and tired you! You can’t avoid going out every time. But a good foot massage can really do wonders to tired feet; 10-15 mins of foot massage takes away all the tiredness, pain and relaxes the feet.

Here are some soothing foot massage techniques which I have tried many times, it only takes 10 min of a tired day but the results are just amazing.  It helps to relax toes, heels, ankles, arches …etc. In fact, it relaxes the whole body; you really feel very relaxed when you receive a good foot massage. So when you feel tired after a hectic day or after physical activity, just kick off your shoes or sandals, sit on a comfortable chair/sofa with a light music on, breathe deeply and start working on your feet. Do each of the following to exercise on each foot:

  • Grasping toes with the help of your opposite hand, bend and try to rotate ankle inward first, then rotate outward direction.
  • Rub the bottom of heel with fingertips and thumb with hand vigorously. This will help to stimulate nerve ending which helps to relax your foot.
  • Gently pull toes upward with fingers so they can apart slightly, then take each between thumb and forefinger, rotate clockwise.
  • First steady your foot with your one hand then with other hand push sole in small, circular strokes. Be sure to massage the entire surface, including the bottom of the heel, and press firmly.
  • Starting at toes, rub the top of the foot with rotator thumb motion. Near ankle and heel, it’s easier to use fingertips; circle the ankle bone itself several times, massaging both sides at once.
  • Grasping foot between both hands and then rotate thumbs slowly over the sole.
  • Use hands to separate each toe in turn, but don’t apply force.
  • Finally, finish massage by holding the base of each toe as you press the tip of your thumb firmly along the valleys between these tendons which begin at ankle and end at tiny flab of skin between the toes. Stroke each valley once.

Foot massage helps in relieving pain and also helps to rejuvenates you and improves the blood circulation. So try out these foot massage tips to relax your sooth your feet and body.

Alternatives to foot massage to relax your tired feet:

  • My grandma’s recipe for relieving tiredness and pain in feet; take a bucket of lukewarm water and add a tablespoon of salt. Dip your feet in the bucket for 10-15 mins, it really works well.  So whenever do not want a foot massage, try this.
  • Walking barefoot in a grass helps to keep feet supple and also increases blood circulation.

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