Homemade Hand Cream Recipes

We do everything to pamper our skin and hair but often ignore the hands which do a lot of work and speak about your general health. Hands are on display as much as the face needs special care and attention. Hands say a lot about a person and research has shown that 80% of people look at hands when meeting someone new. So, taking proper care of our hands is equally important to maintain a complete healthy look.

Our hands are usually drier than our skin which becomes more dry, chapped and cracked in monsoon and winters. So just applying a skin moisturizer or body lotion is not enough.

The simple and easy solution to this is taking a good care of your hands and using a good hand cream regularly. Hand creams are specially made with ingredients which have soothing, smoothing, moisturizing or protective agents. There is a variety of hand creams available in the market, but most of them either costly or does not provide enough care to the hands. Here are few recipes for homemade hand creams using which you can easily make hand creams at home and these also provide needed care and nourishment to your hands.

Homemade Hand Cream using Egg Yolks

–    2 egg yolks
–    2 tablespoons oat or wheat flour
–    4 teaspoons almond oil (you can use any other oil)
–    ½ teaspoon benzoin

Take an egg and beat the egg then mix wheat flour and almond oil into it to form a medium consistency paste then add benzoin drop by drop. Apply this hand cream to protect your hands.


Homemade Hand Cream using Glycerin

–    2 teaspoon glycerin
–    2 teaspoon sesame oil
–    2 potatoes
–    1 teaspoon rose water

First, cook and then mash potato properly. Add glycerin, sesame oil and rose water to form a medium consistency cream. Then apply this hand cream on hand for 2 hours and then rinse off with warm water.


Homemade Hand Cream using Sesame oil

–    6 tablespoons lanolin
–    2 tablespoon sesame oil or almond oil

Take the lanolin and oil together in a double boiler. Then allow cooling. Use this cream on hands every night

Homemade Hand Cream using Honey and Olive oil

–    6 tablespoon honey
–    6 tablespoon olive oil
–    12 tablespoon lanolin

First, take lanolin and then melt it in a double boiler. Add olive oil and honey and blend it properly to form an applicable consistency cream.

These recipes are really effective and deliver really good results. Do try them and share your experience with me.

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