How to slow down the aging process

Aging is inevitable and it is impossible to look young forever. No matter how much you feed your skin with anti-aging serums and creams, If you are habituated to the following habits: All in vain. We can control the rate of deterioration by changing some of those habits and eliminating others.

Eat right to slow down aging process:

Never skip your meals or diet to lose weight, chose gymming or aerobics over dieting. Supple skin’s aging process is slower than that of undernourished skins. Consult your Physician for supplement or prescription of Vitamins and minerals for skin and body.

Do not Skip your Sunblock because Your Makeup has SPF:

UVA Rays cause aging and sun damage that is irreversible. The only way to protect your skin from UVA Rays is to look for a sunblock with UVA Blocker. Never Rely on your Makeup for SPF.

Say Goodbye to Soap to slow down the aging process:

Many women prefer using soap over Facial cleanser or Face wash which is completely wrong. Soap strips natural oil from your skin and leaves your skin dry, which eventually results in Fine lines and wrinkles.

Do not rub your skin or eyes:

Rubbing your skin and eyes can make your skin lose it elasticity and result in the saggy looking skin.
If you read anywhere “Rub your face with a Turkish towel after your bath to increase blood circulation” Do not fall for it, by bathing we already invigorate our blood circulation. Rubbing will only lead to sagging skin especially area near the eyes.

Sleep like a child to slow down aging:

Skin undergoes renewal process at night, it repairs itself. If you cut down on your sleep, the renewal process will be decreased too, resulting in Dull, tired and saggy skin. It is beneficial to take an adequate amount of sleep, and it differs from person to person.

Do not waste your money on Anti-aging face washes:

It is better to invest in Moisturizing Face wash rather than splurging on Anti-aging face wash. Moisturizing face wash will replenish your skin with moisture that is stripped out with sebum.
Anti-aging face wash does nothing with moisturizing.

Never wear a facemask and talk or do stuff:

Always lie down with your hands across your stomach and head on a soft cushion, when your face is covered with a mask. The Facial muscles will trace the lines and dry out the skin, especially extreme sensitive skin near the mouth.  And do not skip moisturizing post Mask routine.

Quit smoking to slow down the aging process:

Smoking attacks the free radicals and speeds up the aging process. Also, the skin near the mouth is stressed with excess sucking in your cheeks. The skin becomes adaptive to this process and leads to the development of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.


Stress is the first enemy of your youth:

Do not stress over everything in fact anything. Stress does not solve issues or even make a way out, but only leads to aging and how?
Cortisol, the major stress hormone breaks down the collagen leading to saggy skin, inflammation, and wrinkles.

Bad sleep posture:

Do not sleep on your stomach or one side. The upright position is accurate for sleeping. The contact of the face with the pillow can break down and cause wrinkles. It is better to sleep upright and changing positions in sleep.

It is not that, if you count the entire above mentioned blunder, your aging process will slow down but it will only make your efforts towards skin aging work better. You cannot skip your anti-aging day and night skin care routines, just because you follow counter the blunders.
Follow these and counter the factors or habits that result in premature aging of your skin.

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