Foot care tips at home | Home remedies for tired feet

Feet often get ignored by us and lack of proper foot care sometimes may lend us into trouble or an embarrassing situation. Some of the common symptoms are tired feet, the dry & hard skin of feet, cracks in the heel, blisters, and corn. To protect feet from these conditions one has to pay attention to regular foot care. These tips can help to relax the tired feet and makes the skin smooth and beautiful. read more

Easy tips to relax stressed mind and body

Sometimes we feel low and our mood doesn’t do well. You may call it ‘Chemical locha’ happening inside our tiny brain or something else, but this happens with most of us very often. Well, technically speaking feeling low or a bad mood without any reason is usually caused due to less presence of Harmon Serotonin in our body. There are a lot of drugs or Serotonin enhancing products available on the market, but such drugs are recommended only for extreme cases of depression. In case you just want to enhance or boost your mood or relax your stressed mind; there are lots of natural options. Here are some tips which will help you boost your mood and relax your stressed mind and body. read more

Foot massage techniques to relax tired feet

Whether it’s shopping, high heels, standing in a long queue to clear bills or something else, most of the time a long day outdoor work ends up with tired and aching feet and tired you! You can’t avoid going out every time. But a good foot massage can really do wonders to tired feet; 10-15 mins of foot massage takes away all the tiredness, pain and relaxes the feet. read more

Body After Baby: Getting Back In Shape

I questioned whether or not I really wanted to write this post after being encouraged to do so by a few friends. Having celebrated Thomas’s first birthday two months ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about the crazy changes a woman’s body endures from pre-pregnancy to the pre-natal journey to the aftermath. Our bodies definitely get thrown for a loop, no matter how fit or healthy we are. read more

Mizuno Running Shoes {Review}

Several weeks ago, I was presented with the opportunity to visit The Athlete’s Foot where I would be fitted for a new pair of Mizuno running shoes. I am very familiar with the Japanese brand, having worn Mizuno court shoes throughout my volleyball years. They also sponsor many Canadian sports programs, particularly Team Canada Baseball. So, I was surprised to find that Mizuno is relatively new to the Australian market, despite the fact that they are one of the oldest sporting brands in the world (dating back to 1906; in comparison, Nike only dates back to the early 70s). read more

Boulders and Belaying: My Experience at Urban Climb

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have been invited to Urban Climb, Brisbane’s indoor rock climbing centre in the city’s West End. I’m always interested in checking out new fitness activities and events, so I was excited to take part in a Friday night rock climbing adventure!

Thought #1: These walls are waaaay bigger than anything I’ve climbed in my (very few) past experiences. Ahhh! read more

Blogger Workout Swap: A Week of New Workouts

As I’ve stated many times, I am a creature of habit when it comes to exercise. Sure, I’ll try new things here and there to mix it up, but I always come back to my fitness favourites. From what many of my friends and readers have told me, I know I am not in this alone! I think many of us like to stick to what works for us, and most importantly, what we enjoy. read more