Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice review

Patanjali (Baba Ramdev) Aloe Vera Juice review:

Two years back I had developed a severe digestive problem, largely due to my unhealthy lifestyle. I tried different medications, but the problem continued. So, I decided to deal with it myself. I always knew that the best way to cope up with my problem is to have a healthy lifestyle. I started doing proper exercise, eating a small meal after every 2-3 hours and include a large number of raw vegetables and fruits. But I felt I needed more than this to cleanse and repair my digestive system. I started out doing research and discovered that aloe vera contains aloin that is responsible for its purgative action so it is known to relieve constipation and digestive problem. read more

Patanjali Amla Juice Review

Today I am going to review the Patanjali Amla Juice which eventually has become my habit now. My aunt has really very soft and glowing skin even in her 50’s and that too without many wrinkles and dark circles, so I always wondered about her beauty secret. Later she told me that she eats lots of raw vegetables, fruits, and one Amla daily in the morning. She uses to store Amlas in her freezer and have one Amla each day regularly. read more

Healthy Winter Foods

There is nothing like sipping Hot Cocoa on a chilly Winter evening. With the dropping temperature, our body adapts to the changes whilst needing us to change our eating habits and dietary nourishment. Our body needs a large dose of energy to keep up the body warm in the chilled surrounding. High-Calorie food and eating in abundance is what one can notice with the change in the weather. The weather with the chill, you feel like munching on snacks, sip hot beverages and liquids to comfort your body. read more

What I Ate Wednesday: The Melbourne Edition

Today we were back to our regular routine after 3 great days in Melbourne! It was pretty cold, and probably not the greatest time of year to visit what is oftentimes referred to as ‘the world’s most liveable city’, but with me being gone to Canada for 5.5 weeks in July and August, and our new little one on the way in November, we figured we might not get a chance to check off this Aussie bucket list city for some time. Plus, we thought it would be fun to get away to celebrate this old girl hitting her big 3-0. read more

Easy Vegetarian Omelette

Hey, guys! Hope you have had a great week. Mine has been pretty out of control and exhausting, to tell you the truth. Thomas has been quite the handful and not his usual self. He has been crying/teething everyday since Margaret, my mother in law, left last weekend. On top of that, Adam has been away for the past two weeks (again) for work, so this 24/7 Mum job is really getting to me. Luckily, Daddy-o was making his way home as I wrote up this post, so perhaps I will be able to take a little breather soon. read more

Festive & Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

I consider myself to be a fairly festive person, particular in the way of celebrating various holidays. I’ve always admired those who make the effort to decorate their homes, bake and cook holiday-appropriate dishes, and host celebratory events. Since moving to Australia, I must admit that I haven’t been nearly as jubilant when it comes to making a fuss over the typical North American occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Canada Day, or even Valentine’s Day. Thanksgiving? What’s that? Aussies are seemingly much more laid back when it comes to celebrating the holidays. No wonder…the beautiful, sunny weather here makes every day seem like a holiday! Halloween is just catching on in Oz and Christmas feels more like a 4th of July backyard barbecue to me. Which is fine for now, as I’ve saved a pile of money on hosting parties and purchasing holiday home decor 😉 read more

Carrot Quinoa Fritters

I haven’t been incorporating quinoa as much as I would like into our lunch/dinner rotation. Personally, I love quinoa. However, no matter how it’s been prepared, the sprouted grain still hasn’t won over Adam’s heart, so I tend to avoid its frequent use. He concludes that one of my favourite flavours is “bland”, but I beg to differ! 😉 read more

Five Post-Workout Smoothies…Or Anytime, For That Matter!

In April, Fitness First Australia generously gave me $250 to put towards supercharging my health. Amazing, right? I could have created a list of a hundred and one things to invest in. Some contemplated ideas: hot yoga passes, new fitness clothing, or a consultation with a holistic nutritionist/dietician. Despite the endless and exciting possibilities, deep down I really knew that this opportunity should only result in the purchase of one thing, and one thing only… read more